An DVD drive is a component that reads and writes all common CD and DVD formats. All modern computers com with an optical CD/DVD drives.


An optical disc drive uses a laser to read or write data onto a CD, DVD or a Blu-Ray disc. A laser, which in this context means, "An electromagnetic wave with a very specific wavelength within or near the visible light spectrum". This allows you to play music or watch movies. Different types of discs, requires different laser wavelengths. For example, compact discs (CD) requires a wavelength of 780 nanometres, a digital video disc (DVD) requires a wavelength of 650 manometers and a Blu-Ray disc requires a wavelength of 405 nanometres. An optical disc drive that can work with multiple disc types, will have multiple disc lasers. A compact disc and a DVD can be read using the same laser, however a Blu-Ray disc won't read on the same laser the other two use, so there is a different laser for a Blu-Ray disc.

In addition to the lens, the optical drive has a rotational mechanism to spin the disc, they were originally designed to spin at a Constant Linear Velocity (CLV). This means the disc will spin at varying speeds depending on where the laser beam is reading. A usual disc will spin around 200 rpm near the outer rim of the disc and 500 rpm near the inner rim of the disc. This is crucial as you want to watch a movie or listen to a song, at the constant speed


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