Canbury School Newsletter 3rd July 2020. issue 210

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

In years to come, if you are ever asked how resilient you are - just cast your mind back to this period in our lives and reply "very"! I'm not going to recount here how we have all coped during this extraordinarily challenging time - it's been said in past newsletters, in the school yearbook, at assembly this morning and in the very many email exchanges I have had with so many of you throughout this period.

All I am going to say is "way to go CANbury". We have been thrown a googly (along with the rest of the world) and we are just getting on with it. Bravo Team Canbury - my stupendous staff, my supportive parents, my amazing students. Thank you, from the governors and senior leadership team. You have been marvellous. We're not out of the woods yet, but based on how we are managing, we know we will emerge from them, even stronger, even braver and tip top ready for whatever we have to face. Well done and keep going.

It's been a ridiculously busy last week of term, what with teaching and learning, as well as the talent show, the Olympics, the escape room yesterday, not to mention the House Quiz, then assembly and prize giving this morning. Prize giving made me laugh out loud - this year we had to have alternative awards, and particular favourites for me included James for managing to have perfect hair and a coffee before registration, Ben H for being the most helpful student ever, and Emily for always having the best google hangouts backdrop - her sunny back garden. As you know, at Canbury we celebrate the whole sum of a person - not just their academic achievements. You all continue to never fail and always surprise!

Talking of surprising, the talent show yesterday was a tremendous success. Pictures are below, but congratulations to the following:

1st - Lauren (Y9) for her heartfelt and poignant singing.

2nd - Harry B (Y10) for his inspired performance of 'Singing in the rain' complete with brolly and water!

3rd - Freddie for his daring bike exploits.

Highly commended: Ollie (Y7) for her Les Mis song and Ain (Y9) for her stand-up comedic routine. Great timing Ain.

Mrs Porter and Mr Batten were the head judges but we all had a chance to vote and these two sets of marks were added together, so very well done to the winners and to everyone who took part. You were brilliant.

The escape room winners were as follows:

1st Matthew A (Y9), 2nd Emily (Y11), 3rd Otti (Y9) and highly commended Harry C (Y13).

My apologies for the cancelled cake and chat social on Tuesday. It wasn't just the rain that was heavy, so was my heart when the decision was made. It was doubly disappointing because Ms Boggi had spent so much time setting it up, and the next day the sun shone. Please do think about letting your children arrange to get together over the summer - they can contact each other via their school emails and it will be so good for them to actually meet up in the fresh air.

Goodbye and all the very best to Mr Natt and Mr Sutton who leave us today. Whilst Mr Natt has given 20 years of his life to Canbury, Mr Sutton gave one. But they both made a difference, which is why we will miss them both. Mr Natt is off to have a well earned, and by the sounds of it, very busy retirement. I would like to thank him most heartily for his many years of dedicated service to us. Mr Sutton is off back home to see his folks in New Zealand. Safe travels home Mr S. We will miss you both about the building come the new school year.

Goodbye too to our Year 11s and Year 13s who take their leave of us today. I'm sorry your last term was so disrupted, but I hope you take fond memories of your last day in the building in March. We crammed it all in!

Finally, the Designated Safeguarding Lead staff, 1st Mrs Rich and 2nd Ms Clancy will be contactable by email throughout the Summer holiday for safeguarding concerns via the safeguarding@canburyschool.co.uk email. This is for safeguarding concerns only.

All that remains for me to say is have a wonderful restful summer and really do enjoy the break. School re-opens on Friday 4th September at 8.10am for our new Year 7s (our new deer are waiting for you - see above!) and our Sixth Form. All other students return on Monday 7th September.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Tremendous talent at Canbury

We make NO apology for the terrible quality of these photos of the Canbury School Talent Competition of 2020. They do NO justice WHATSOEVER to the calibre of the talent but we HAD to share them with you. Who knew there was sooooo much talent within the Canbury family? Ms Clancy sobbed her way through the entire hour - she was absolutely hopeless. Her students, however, were MAGNIFICENT. Well done to all of you who took part - it was simply amazing. Who knows, we may be able to host it in the flesh next year. Many thanks to Mr McGregor for his fantastic compering and to our judges Mr Batten and Mrs Porter.

Our second Canbury Quiz night......

..last Friday evening was so much fun. We had to dress to impress and we did! Thank you Otti and Mrs Rich for a brilliant evening.

Canbury Olympics - what an amazing turn out!

Yet another highlight this week was the first online Canbury School Olympics. Mr Barnes did a fantastic job of setting up the event, and in true sports day fashion, we even had rain, so those wishing to perform their tasks outside had a truly authentic experience! From the sock catch in a frying pan, sauce pan keep ups, towel jump and bottle flip through to the kitchen cupboard shuttle and standing long jump, our sports men and women did their very best.

Mr Barnes provided a visual guide for each round, so everyone was clear on what they had to do.
Mr Barnes thought of everything, Mr Huw cheered on from his study and all in all, if you had to have Sports Day remotely, the Canbury Olympics event was a very satisfactory alternative.

House winners for the Year are........NOBLE!

Mrs Rich was busy adding up HP yesterday, and her job was made extra lastminute.com because of all the wonderful events we held this week. So,

Just house points from the year =

Johnson - 1113

Noble - 1312

Campbell - 1190

3615 house points awarded in total this year to students!!

Adding in the events today =

1st Noble - 1794

2nd Campbell - 1626

3rd Johnson - 1549

It was a VERY close run competition this year! Nobel can look forward to a prize to mark this achievement in September.

Everyone does everything at Canbury

Introducing our new KS4 English teacher, Ms Burke, and our new KS3 English teacher, Mr Batten. These familiar faces were to be seen in their new shared classroom on Thursday, getting the room spic and span for September. Mr Batten had his musical theatre music on at full pelt whilst Mrs Burke donned her marigolds to give the desks a good old scrub!

Wall sit challenge.....and the winner is......

Drum roll please.........results of the wall sit challenge are in! Congratulations to Sixth Former Felix who takes the winner's cup with his phenomenal time of 3:16. In second place was Year 10 Seb (3:04). Mrs Peacock came in at bronze (1:23) and Mr Bourgi gallantly brought up the rear with a time of 1:12. The independent adjudicator of this competition also gave a special commendation to Year 8 Anders who submitted his time of 4:03 via video. However it was felt that Anders didn't wall sit as low as the others, so although his timing was longer, the pain was less. Well done to you all - maybe over the summer see if you can perfect your technique still further, elongate your time and get even fitter!

The Sixth Formers had a surprise new trainee teacher on Wednesday morning. Move over Ned, there's a new pup on the block! Mr McGregor is the proud new owner of Monty - we're in LOVE!!!!

Reflections and aspirations from some of our Year 7s following their first year at Canbury.

"See, hear, respond"

Is a new service provided across England for children, young people, parents and carers who are experiencing crisis due to Covid-19. A new support hub and referral link is available. If you are worried about a child or young person experiencing harm and/or increased adversity or are looking for advice or help, visit www.barnardos.org.uk/see-hear-respond Or call 0800 157 7015 to speak to a Barnardo's project worker. They operate Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 6pm.

The last word from Ned

Watch your step Monty! Have a wonderful summer break everyone. Rest, relax, refresh. Stay safe and see you in September!

Woof woof!