There are many different types of fields a nurse can choose to go into. Many choose to go the hospital route and work in the emergency room for a more thrilling form of work. A nurse can choose to go into specific fields of nursing for instance a neonatal nurse works in the NICU with babies who are premature, or very sick.
Above you can see a home health nurse reading with her patient. A nurses duty as a health care provider is to ensure that their patients mind, body, heart, and spirit are all fa-filled to ensure that their most basic need is met safety and security.
Nurses spend time with trained and specialized teachers who teach them how to bath people, change beds, fold linens, transfer them into wheel chairs among other things, give medications, and how to use proper beside manner when taking care of the persons. At the end of this special training every person has to take a test monitored by specialist who decide whether or not you can receive your license to become a health care professional.
Some nurses choose to get further training and become a doctor or a surgeon. Some choose to remain a regular nurse or only have their CNA. Others pursue their nursing career and become a RN ( registered nurse), LPN (licensed practical nurse) , and even a nurse practitioner. Each different type of nurse has a set amount of skills they are allowed to do. For instance a CNA is not allowed to give out medications a RN can however.
Nurses have to learn how to use all kinds of different equipment. They learn how to take care of the ill and injured, and they are the future of generations to come. Without doctors, and nurses, and surgeons, along with science we would not have even half of the amount of vaccines and antibiotics that we do today. When you break your arm you would not have a hospital to go to without all these people we would be a world struck with disease after disease.

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