The Rookery Audubon Swamp - Magnolia Plantation

It all starts with the male doing a courtship dance. Green eye coloring and aigrettes (extra plumage) and his skill at building a rudimentary nest attract a female.

When all else fails he calls for any available "ladies".

He finally meets his "Hearts Desire" and love is in the air - literally!

She sends him out on many trips to get sticks so she can properly finish the nest.

His mate doesn't always recognize him - so it could be an impostor bringing her a stick.

But he does a little "secret dance" and all is well!

He applies a tentative - "Love Tap"

When his advances are not shunned he then proceeds to extend the species.

In a matter of seconds the act of procreation is complete.

Afterwards they look into the distant setting sun and contemplate the new generation they have worked so hard to create!

Created By
John Nickerson

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