Who Was put on the Nuremberg Trials? By: Arden Leuellen

The Nuremberg Trials were trials for 22 Major Nazi criminals, there would've been more but most of them killed themselves or fled before being found. There was 13 trials that lasted from November 1945 to October 1946. 12 out of the 22 Major Nazi's were sentenced with death.
Hans Frank was an appointed Minister and Reich Commissioner for Justice in the Nazi Party and was the governor of Poland. He opened up vast territories for Hitler and made Jewish people out to be a problem. He made Poland become a slave state and killed most of the Jewish people that lived there. He was sentenced to death by hanging.
Martin Bormann was Chancellery of the Nazi Party and was Hitler's private secretary. He was involved in a lot of decision making, information that went to Hitler. He had full control over domestic matters and was completely for harsh treatment of Jews and Slaves. He was sentenced in absent to death by hanging.
Wilhelm Frick was the Nazi Minister of Interior and was apart of the formation of Nazi racial laws and legislation. He worked with Goering in the Aryanization of Jewish property ( Turning Jewish businesses into German ownership) . He was sentenced to death by hanging.
Walther Funk was Reich Minister for Economic Affairs, he was apart of the meeting that made Jews responsible for the destruction that happened to themselves. The meeting also decided that Jews would be kicked out of the German economy. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Hermann Goering helped Hitler come into power and was the second most powerful man in Germany. He was in charge of what happened to Jewish property and started the Reichstag fire, that at a meeting he held he blamed on the Jewish people which made them come up with a bunch of anti Jew laws. That meeting can be considered the actual start of the Holocaust. He was sentenced to death by hanging but that night he killed himself using cyanide that he snuck in to his cell.
Ernst Kaltenbrunner was Chief of the Reich Main Security Office.He witnessed what was going on, gave the instructions on what to do to Jews, linked to the crematoria and extermination of Jews. He was sentenced to death by hanging.
Alfred Rosenberg was Hitler's Chief Racial Ideologist, he was obsessed with people being against Jews. He knew about the Holocaust and he participated in forcing labor programs on the Jews. He was sentenced to death by hanging.
Fritz Sauckel was the Plenipotentiary General for the Allocation of labor, he provided laborers for the German war economy. He imported almost 5 million laborers to camps. He was charged with solicitation of slave labor and was sentenced to death by hanging.
Arthur Seyss Inquart was the Deputy Governor General in Poland. He planned and deported Jews from the Reich. He was to pave the way for the take over of the Netherlands and started doing the Aryanization of Jewish property and deportation of Jews to camps. He was very close to Hitler and knew everything that Hitler was going to do and was doing so he was charged on all four counts and was sentenced to death by hanging.
Joachim von Ribbentrop was Hitler's Foreign Minister and helped in starting WWII. He also helped and recommended the deportation of Jews from France and Italy to camps and wanted them killed. He knew about Hitler's plans to deport all Jews and helped to make it happen so he was sentenced to death by hanging.
Julius Streicher was the founder and publisher of the anti-Jew newspaper Der Sturmer. He strongly hated Jews and Hitler really like that but he was never apart of the deportation of Jews or the military. His newspaper was Nazi propaganda and it caused an extreme amount of trouble for the Jewish people so he was sentenced to death by hanging.
The one on the left is a children's book he wrote "The Poisonous Mushroom" and the one on the right is "Why Jews are Baptized" both are by Julius Streicher.
The one on the left is "Cheating Jews" and the one on the right is "Jewish God is money" both are by Julius Streicher.

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