Lol...OMG Chapter 5

Your Life, Online

Summary- All of the digital content you put out there and create and what others say or create about you becomes your online reputation. Students and people in general put out and create large amounts of content, mostly putting thought into who may see it and how it may be taken. Your online reputation and digital footprint may or may not affect your life and future in a variety of ways, including college, jobs, relationships, and just your future in general.

Opinion- I think that this chapter is probably one of the most important parts throughout the book because it points out key information and focuses in on what can or will happen to your future. I also thought this was a good chapter because your future is a big deal and if you don't care then you probably won't have a future career or goal to strive for. Everything you say and do online is permanent whether you think so or not, you must be aware of what you're posting and think to yourself, who might see this and what would they think. Start now with a clean digital footprint so you can go later on and have the future you've dreamed of.

Quote- Collectively, all of the digital content that you create, and that others create about you, becomes your online reputation. And today, that's the reputation that matters most.

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