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Any couple who registers with your Group Name (or with promo code: BOGO) between January 2nd- 23rd will receive HALF OFF regular registration rates!

  • Regular price registration rates are $300/couple or $350/couple for destination events (held in premier cities & resort-like locations)
  • BOGO rates are $150/couple or $175/couple, depending on which event they register for.
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WTR Group Page

Weekend to Remember Group Page

1. Weekend to Remember has a Closed Group Page for Group Coordinators, WTR volunteers & FamilyLife staff to share ideas, encouragement, collateral, photos & inspiration about the Weekend and how to promote it. Anyone with helpful tips, advice, questions or examples of successful ideas for promotion should join the group & post them here- we're so much better as a team!

Tip: Posts to this page are only seen by Group Coordinators and can not be shared. This is not a page to promote, but to encourage, teach, learn and get to know each other from all across the country!

As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users!

FamilyLife's Facebook Page & Event Pages

2. Weekend to Remember has all of our spring events listed under FamilyLife's Event Pages. Find your event by clicking "Events" in the left hand column and scrolling down to view the event you want to promote.

  • Share pictures, stories or updates on your event page to keep it top of mind. Before your event, it helps build buzz and get people excited. During the event, use it to give updates and get late-goers to come. And afterwards, you can thank attendees and invite people to future events.
  • Share your upcoming events to your Page and let people know when the event is, where it's located, and how they can register.
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  • You can share an upcoming event as a status update or a private message. There are several ways to share an event: Copy the event's web address and paste it into a status update or message. For some public events, you can also share them by going to the event, clicking , then clicking Share Event.

3. Share posts from FamilyLife's Facebook Page to your own page with your own group name in the post.

Simply scroll down, find a post about WTR or BOGO and click Share- then add your own message to the post (i.e. your group name!)

Tip: Don't forget to share a link to www.WeekendToRemember.com or the "Find Your Getaway Page"

Tip: You can also share a link with your group name already embedded in it! This will link them to the map on Shop.FamilyLife.com and will add your group name automatically without your guest having to enter it:


Your custom embed link can be found after logging into FamilyLife's Group Management Tool and scrolling down, listed just above the promotional materials.

What did Weekend to Remember do for your marriage? Share it with others!

Create Your Own Post

4. Download BOGO social media graphics to upload to your page with your own custom written post about why your friends should attend Weekend to Remember- and to register now (with your group name) to get the half-price offer! Your testimony will be the most powerful way to convince people that their marriage is worth the investment!


Download any of the above graphics from WTR's BOGO promo toolkit

General Purpose Social Graphics (non-BOGO specific)

Like it used to be--only better. Deeper intimacy is just one special weekend away. Sign up now for your Weekend to Remember getaway.
Put the "more" back into "amore" when you invest in a Weekend to Remember getaway. Sign up today and get half off for a limited time!
If you want your marriage to go the distance, you have to strengthen your marriage "muscles." Grow stronger together with a Weekend to Remember marriage getaway! #WeekendToRemember
Great marriages don't just happen... Invest in your relationship with a Weekend to Remember getaway, 50% off for a limited time. #WeekendToRemember
Passion doesn't have to be "past" tense. Feel the wonder of discovering each other again with a Weekend to Remember getaway. Sign up today!
You can have that feeling again. Invest in the two of you with a Weekend to Remember getaway. Sign up today!
Remember when you promised to love him "until death do us part"--and meant every word? You can feel that way again when you attend your Weekend to Remember getaway. Sign up today!
Good marriages don't happen by accident. Get intentional about growing your relationship. Save 50% on a Weekend to Remember when you register today. #WeekendToRemember
Like it used to be--only better. Deeper intimacy is just one special weekend away. Sign up now for your Weekend to Remember getaway.
Post examples you can use

Copy & Paste!

Because marriage takes two, spouses go free - January 2nd-23rd. Save 50% on Weekend to Remember when you register with my Group Name: [Enter Group Name} www.familylife.com/weekend
Great marriages don't just happen! Get away together and invest in your marriage at Weekend to Remember, 50% off until Jan. 23rd! (Group Name: __________) www.familylife.com/weekend
If you want your marriage to go the distance, you have to strengthen your marriage "muscles." Grow stronger together with a Weekend to Remember getaway, 50% off for a limited time. #WeekendToRemember group name:___________________ www.familylife.com/weekend
What stage of married life are you in? Every year brings new challenges and new ways for you to grow and learn. I encourage all couples, whether newlyweds or empty nesters, to check out Weekend to Remember. With BOGO pricing until Jan 23rd, you can register as a couple for half the price using our group name:________________________________. FamilyLife.com/Weekend. Your marriage is worth it!
Get intentional about investing in your relationship with a Weekend to Remember getaway. For a limited time, save 50% on more than 75 marriage getaways around the country. Visit FamilyLife.com/Weekend to register! #WeekendToRemember
Honeymoons aren't just for newlyweds. Take intimacy to the next level with a Weekend to Remember getaway, HALF PRICE until Jan. 23rd with Group Name:______________ Visit WeekendtoRemember.com to register!
Remember when you left each other breathless? Re-ignite the feeling with a Weekend to Remember getaway. Sign up today and get 50% off for a limited time. (www.weekendtoremember.com)
great marriages don't just happen!

Share Testimonials from Others

“Coming to the Weekend to Remember event, I was uncertain of how the weekend would impact my already thriving marriage. I am surprised by the amount of information I learned about ways to enhance communication, giving respect, and how to start a family. This weekend taught me that no matter how well your marriage may be going, there is always room for improvement.” Wife, married 5 months
"It was exactly what we didn’t know we needed!" Married 4 years
"We came to this weekend knowing we had drifted far apart but not realizing how much danger our marriage was in. I truly believe this weekend saved our marriage. It also helped me find my husband again and gave him back his wife. We drove here as near strangers and are returning home as best friends deeply, DEEPLY in love with one another." Wife, married 23 yrs.
"Attended in our 1st year of marriage. We were both thinking marriage was a mistake and on the brink of divorce. We attended the conference. We credit it for saving our marriage. We now have 3 beautiful children and an amazing marriage. Thank God for the Weekend to Remember. Life could have been so different." Married 10 years
"A year ago at this conference I decided to shred and burn all the evidence, notes, etc. that I had been saving for almost 20 years for my divorce case. I pray for my spouse more now and have hope for restoration completely." Wife, Married 21 years
"I came to this as a last-ditch effort to prove to my husband, myself and my children that I tried everything but this marriage was over and we need to accept it. God convicted me right a way of what my role is and it isn’t all his fault and he is my best friend and I want to spend the rest of my life with him." Wife, married 6 years

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What will your friends experience at Weekend to Remember?

You probably know this already, but let's sum it up in a few short points:

1. Biblically-based insights from top speakers and marriage experts.

2. Relaxing time alone together, free from distractions

3. Helpful tools and resources for an immediate impact on your marriage

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. - Ecclesiastes 4:12

If you have any questions, need extra support or have ideas on additional promotional items not included in the assets above, please let us know. We are here to serve you and appreciate your support and prayer so much! Thank you, a million times over.

-Your Weekend to Remember Team

Marketing: Megan Spradlin (mspradlin@familylife.com) or Jordan Thomas (jthomas@familylife.com)

Groups: Carol Moore (cmoore@familylife.com)


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