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Nondisjunction: Is the failure of one or more pairs of homologous chromosomes to separate.

Recessive Genes: It is a gene you have to get from both of your parents to have a certain trait like blue eyes.

Dominant Genes: This is a gene that takes over any other gene that has the same trait such as brown hair and blonde hair.

Somatic Cell: Any other cell thats not a sex cell.

Germ cell: Is a cell that contains have the chromosomes of a somatic cell to be able to change there sex.

Mitosis is asexual and is when cells divide. The offspring are identical to the parent cell.

Meiosis is sexual reproduction in which two parents mate to create an offspring with mixed traits.

Karyotype is the way the chromosomes are shaped and the pattern they're in.

Genotype is your genetic make up and characteristics you have as a person.

Phenotype is the physical characteristics about you like your eye color, your height and hair color,

Klinefelter's syndrome is when a male is born with an extra x chromosome. This means the male has and unequal amount of estrogen to testosterone with estrogen having a high percent.

Down Syndrome is a mutation in the 21st chromosome causing the person to look (disabled) and having intellectual disabilities. This doesn't mean that the person is not smart it just means they don't understand things or comprehend like we do.

Colorblindness is a hereditary mutation in which a person can't tell the difference in distinct colors. This person will most likely only see shades of grey, black and white. There is no solution to colorblindness; the people just have to deal with it.

Turner's disease is when a female is born with only one x chromosome. There is no serious side effects or any problems with this. The female will still have all the feminine qualities like other girls do; this girl is just considered a lesser of a female due to the lack of one x chromosome.

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