The Coventry Way: "Going Glocal" Richard Luck Senior Lecturer International Learning Development

"In the context of the ambitious internationalisation agenda in the Coventry University Corporate Plan, what are the key priorities for the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health and how will you ensure these priorities are met?"
International Strategy 2020: *Increased overseas recruitment to the UK *Growth in delivery overseas, including through joint ventures *Remaining the UK’s number one for internationalisation experiences *Developing the international capacity and capability of our staff *Enhancing our international research, marketing, rankings and reputation.
School Priorities: *International strategy *Curriculum review *Increase international students *Research * Student Experience - UK and International *TNE and joint delivery * Resources
How in the School: Networking and Network sharing *NMC/HCPC standards *Resource review: What do we need? *USP's - SHB, International experience, innovations in teaching*cross fertilization of portfolios.
How in Courses:*Helicopter view *signpost and support * USP's * targeted and meaningful partnerships *identify gateways and barriers *champions and blockers *motivate champions *influence sceptics *manage opposition *student support *creative internationalisation - students, communities.
How in Modules: defining internationalisation of the curriculum*developing modules with partners in mind *explicit international learning outcomes, * creative teaching and learning *celebrate and share best practice *Joint modules *joint assessments
How in People: *people skills/people management *respect *dignity, *engage *empower *support *guide ...... with consistency, confidence, collaboration, communication.
Global in outlook......... local in impact: students, staff, professionals, services, patients and their outcomes. Going Glocal - The Coventry Way..... encourage ....influence deliver.
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