Which PART would you PURCHASE? Digital Content in the Automotive Aftermarket

Consumers have an abundant number of choices for any product they want to purchase in today's digital marketplaces. If a consumer isn't confident that your product is exactly what they are looking for, they usually have numerous other options to choose from.

Your product may be superior in every way to other products on the market, but if you don't optimize your digital content to communicate the details of your products, buyers may never reach that conclusion, and will most likely purchase the product from one of your competitors instead.


When you are making a purchase online, which product are you more comfortable and confident in purchasing? The product with no product images, like this one; or the product with a product image that details all of the parts included, like the following one?

According to the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition 2012 Report, 75% of consumers listed the image quality as the most important aspect of shopping online. With that in mind, multiple product images, and if possible, a short video demonstrating the features and benefits of your product, can only increase consumers' confidence in your products.

For automotive parts, product information can be just as useful as images, if not more. Product specifications can make a big difference to the buyer, especially if they are trying to get find a part that interchanges with a certain OE part number.

Compare this listing, which contains a minimal amount of information, to the following one which provides more robust product specifications.

Product specifications should at least include the manufacturer's part number, product dimensions, OE part number interchange, location specific warnings, warranty information, and a product description that highlights the features & benefits of the product.

Product specifications, descriptions, warranty information, and images can all be incorporated into PIES files; which allow various online retailers to easily work all of these various types of data into the correct format for their specific digital marketplace.

The fitment information that's cultivated in your ACES data is very important in the sales of auto parts. Without this information it can be very difficult for buyers to know if your part fits their needs.

Many online marketplaces for the Automotive Aftermarket utilize search tools where customers can input the Year/Make/Model or VIN# of their car, and find all of the parts that fit that car. Without valid ACES data, your parts will not be visible in these types of search results; and there goes another sale to a competitor.

Unlike the previous product, this product listing effectively uses fitment information that will allow consumers to check the compatibility of the part with their car.

Utilizing valid ACES & PIES data, digital marketplaces empower consumers to have confidence that they are purchasing a part that not only fits their car, but also meets their expectations of quality and cost.

Making your data drive your business


Data-Driver provides the service of raising the product profile of automotive parts. We will work to develop your digital content to the highest industry standards. Whether you need to update old product photos to today's high-resolution standards, or if you need to develop all of your digital content, from fitment information to digital assets, with Data-Driver, your products will leave a lasting impression.

We offer great introductory offers that allow you to test out the quality of our work before committing to a major overhaul of your catalog.

Let your data drive you down new roads to revenue.
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