KB News 13th of April

I trust you all had a safe and relaxing break. It is hard to believe that we have entered our last term in Kindergarten.

This term we welcome two new learners to our KB class. A big Nexus welcome to Samuel, Rintaro and their families.

Our new unit of inquiry for this term is 'Water has different uses and brings about many changes in the world around us'. The learners shared their understanding about water before heading outside to look for water around the school.

  • water helps people stay alive. Ocean
  • water helps flowers stay alive. Clement
  • it evaporates. Reuben
  • it can drop down a hole in a house. Samuel
  • water helps root grows. Linnea
  • we find water in lakes and it makes things slippery. Reuben
  • ducks have baths in lakes and birds drink water. Reuben

As the learners explored the school grounds they found water in the pond, the swimming pool, a water fountain, puddles and in the drain.

Many of you may remember in Term 2 the learners made a water cycle to explore the journey of the water drop. At the beginning of last term the learners checked to see how much water had collected in the cup and were delighted to find a significant amount.

Since we are learning all about water, the learners thought it would be fun to make another water cycle. After a class discussion it was decided that the water cycle would be permanently set up outside. Our special red and white tape was placed across the area and Ocean, Matilda and Nandin made posters to stop other learners from touching the experiment. The learners have been keeping a close eye on it to see if any drops of water have dripped into the cup.

The learners have learnt a jingle to help them remember the different stages of the water cycle. Click below to view.

The learners then made and labeled their own water cycle.

After singing the song 'It's raining, it's pouring' the children carefully cut around an umbrella and painted them brightly. They now hang proudly in the classroom.

During Maths the learners have been exploring the counting in 2's strategy. They are realising that it is a quicker way to count a group of objects. The children were involved in an interactive activity where they circled groups of 2 before counting.

The learners were also able to place the numbers in the correct counting sequence.

The children practised their counting in 2’s using the parachute. Every time the parachute sailed into the air the next number in the sequence would be called out. We added a little extra fun by having children lay under the parachute as we counted in 2’s to 20 .

The children have been investigating capacity looking at full, 1⁄2 full and empty. There were many volunteers to help show their understanding when involved in a whole class activity.

During Phonics the learners have be revising the sounds learnt last term through a variety of interactive and hands on activities. They have also engaged in activities where they have had to unjumble sentences and place words in correct order on the whiteboard.

The learners continue to apply their growing understanding of phonics and high frequency words to their guided and free writing.

During the week Ocean brought in her puppets which created a lot of interest and excitement. Our large box that has been in home corner was turned into a puppet theatre. Chairs were set up ready for the show.

The learners went in search for potatoes that they planted during our last Unit of Inquiry. The pot where the potato plants have been growing was tipped upside down. The learners took turns digging through the soil trying to find any signs of potatoes. We were all a little bit disappointed that not one potato could be found.

The learners have enjoyed their few weeks back at school and catching up with their friends. Here are a few fun photos.

Dates to remember

  • 19th April - Swimming Gala
  • 21st April - Earth Day

Kind regards, Lyn and Clara

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