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Making yourself a plan is the best way to get more organized! Planners are amazing, and they help me so much when it comes to monthly, weekly, and daily planning.

Journal #1

Last semester I realized that I wasn't much of a planning person when it comes to school. I knew when dates for important things were due, but I didn't plan out everyday like I should. I think setting up monthly, weekly, and daily planners will really help me be more successful in school this semester. 2.6.2017

Monthly Planning

This is my February monthly calendar with some important dates.

Next is my March calendar that includes a very important week which is spring break!

Here is my April calendar with some important dates. The school year is winding down in this month.

And lastly my May calendar with exam week exams already scheduled.

These monthly calendars help me see the big picture. They show important dates for school such as projects, exams, lab reports, etc. I have also included some important personal dates as well. These personal things help even out the stress on the calendars from the school dates. I see these personal things, and it helps me get through the few weeks of school left.

Weekly Planning

This is my weekly calendar showing what I have scheduled, and what I have time for everyday. I have separated my schedule into classes (light blue), important personal times (pink), personal me time (yellow), and study time (violet). Color coordinating helps me stay organized, and get everything done everyday that needs to be done.

My Daily Calender

My calendar can get really messy as the week starts to end, and I start to cross off everything I have done.

My planner is so much more neat before I get too far into the week. I also add more things to each day as the week goes on.

These two pictures are showing how I plan my days. The first picture is a finished product of a full week. I put down daily things I have to do, and then once I get done with those things I mark them out showing that they have been finished. The second picture is showing the start of a week. I don't have very many things written down yet because I take it day by day. Since I write things down day by day, the most important things I need to be doing for that day should already be written down before I start adding more assignments. I don't have a system to get everything done, but I always do. There is a huge difference in the two pictures, but by the end of the second week they will look very similar, and all marked up. This planner helps me so much everyday, and honestly I don't know what I would do without it.

Journals & Self-Observations

This is my first full first day of observation, and the start of my second day.

Journal #2

In my first day I followed my daily plan really well for Tuesday. There were only a couple times where I didn't follow my schedule, and that was to eat a snack, take a shower, and to go running. These things were spontaneous, and I didn't have them on my schedule for that day. That is why I labeled them as "no" on my observation sheet. These breaks in my schedule are mostly so that I can give myself a break from my studies, and do something else for myself for a few minutes. As soon as I got done with those spontaneous things, I went right back to what I needed to be doing on my schedule.

This is the end of my second day, and most of my third day on the observation sheet.

Journal #3

In my second journal, I had a few things that weren't on my daily schedule for Wednesday. These things weren't bad or anything, but I didn't think about putting "walking to class" on my schedule. I also studied during my exercise time which isn't a bad thing, I just didn't have that on my schedule for that day to study in that time. That is why I marked it as a "no" on my observation paper. I don't stray from my schedule that much, but not every day is perfect, and sometimes it's okay to switch it up.

This is the end of the third day of my observations.

Journal #4

This is the end of my observations, and they ended on Thursday. The no's that I had on this day were just like the other days. I stopped studying or doing whatever I had planned on my daily schedule so that I could have some "me" time by relaxing and doing something besides studying all day. I should have put doing laundry on my daily schedule because I do my laundry every Thursday night, but I didn't think about it. I think I still accomplished things that needed to be done, but I also got some needed free time.

Journal #5- As I continue to use my monthly, weekly, and daily calendars towards the end of the semester, I can definitely tell that I am making better grades. I think that I am making better grades because I have been using these calendars to help me do my work efficiently. These calendars really helped me, and I think that making these can help anyone if they are struggling in classes, and want to be more organized.


As I evaluated myself, and the way I plan my days and weeks out, I realized that not everything in your plan is going to be perfect. There will be days where you don't do everything you planned, or you will do more than you planned to. I don't necessarily think that I failed at anything in my planning, but I for sure changed up my schedule as each day went on. I definitely think that life is much easier when you have a plan, but sometimes its okay to be spontaneous, and do different things you wouldn't normally do.

Was everything on my observation sheets planned?

This excel sheet shows how much I followed the planner each day, and how much I didn't follow the planner each day for three consecutive days. For day 1, I followed my plan 15 times, and I did something that wasn't on the planner 3 times. I recorded this for days 2 and 3 also.
This is a bar graph of the excel sheet above.

How much time did I spend in each quadrant?

Blue is day one, orange is day two, and gray is day three on my observation sheets. Each quadrant is almost identical with the amount of times I marked them down. Quadrant 3 had zero markings all three days, quadrant 4 had 3 marking for all three days, and for quadrants 1 and 2, the data was a little more scattered.

The New and Improved Weekly Planner

I noticed on my old weekly planner that were several things I needed to add, and fix. On my old planner I messed up by adding an economy PAL session that wasn't real, and I put my Wednesday calculus PAL on Thursday on accident. I fixed those things, and then I added some things like showering, walking to class, and washing clothes like I always do on Thursdays. I also added things to my Saturdays, and to the rest of my Fridays. Friday evenings and Saturdays are always unpredictable for me so I left them mostly blank, but I usually try to have some "me time", and also study some too. I am very happy with my new, and improved weekly planner.


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