A Journey To West Africa December 2016

Thank you so much for praying while I was in West africa, we faced plenty of Spiritiual battle!

What if you grew up hearing that Islam and Christianity were the same thing? Or, what if you had been told at the local mosque that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Ishmael? You may have also been told that Christians will tell you that Isaac and Ishmael were just the same person?

If you heard the statements above as I did, while in W. Africa just last month, you would know they aren’t true because you are able to read the Bible! But with very high levels of illiteracy in the area, it is rare to find people who are educated and can read for themselves that is, if they can find a Bible. My heart sank to hear such lies which do not glorify our Lord or what He did for us. It felt as though it was cheapening His sacrifice.

The encouraging news is that there are nationals, faithful followers of Jesus, in this West African country where we ministered Nov.1-15. They are educated, literate and were ready to receive the tools and equipment we carried from the U.S.A. From generous Jesus Film donors we hand delivered 6 hand held tablets and two sets of film equipment for outdoor Jesus Film showings. Pastors, church leaders as well as church planters came to receive basic instruction to use the Jesus Film Project app. to reach unbelieving relatives, friends and neighbors. Added to all this, we were in a country that was a former English colony so we got to minister in English but provided all app products and films in the local languages.

Guess who did some of the training?
Practicing use of the the app on a tablet

After these courageous attendees practiced using clips from the Jesus Film and chose short films to start spiritual conversations we went out in the community to put into practice what had been learned. By doing this we created an opportunity for unbelieving Muslims to engage with life-changing stories about Jesus. About 50 people representing 18 different churches were trained however, in just an hour 100 people had heard the Gospel after the locals got to try out their new knowledge with this new tool. Upon our return, we had a great time of praising God for all He did! Even after a few days the local ministry director got a text from one of the trainees saying she had shared the gospel with her brother who, after seeing the clips and responding to specific questions which are all part of the app, decided to follow Jesus!

One side of the roof-top training was facing the closest mosque

Setting up for a film showing was always exciting, kids came from all over and were the first to get involved. Sometimes people not wanting to be seen by others would hide behind trees or bushes so we never knew exactly how many people came to film showings.
Isaiah 45:22 "Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am god, and there is no other."
This is Clarice, one of the few ladies who were part of the church planting effort

National church planters with Campus Crusade for Christ then took our team to the areas where they had been doing evangelism so churches could be planted deeper in the interior of the country. Again, we trained local believers but also had opportunity to have outdoor Jesus Film showings in the communities where churches were in the process of being planted. 700 people saw Jesus at the showings done with almost 40 praying to become believers. By the way, every person who came forward provided contact information so they could be visited by the church planters already in place. We were so glad to part of these efforts with these visionary church people working among great opposition!

Buses like this one provided our transportation from city to city. Notice the goat standing on top of the bus? He was covered with a net so he couldn't bolt!

Left: Traveling along the main river with a hired boatman Right: Garbage pick up by donkey cart
Our American team with national co-laborers in Christ

Thank you so much for praying for this trip, for your willingness to support me in these efforts which, by God’s grace, will continue to bear much more fruit. Pray with me that those with the app will continue sharing clips from the Jesus Film and short conversation starter films plus pass the word of the app on to others. Pray for the nationals of this country to persevere, they play a critical role in reaching a nation comprised mainly of Muslims.

Using the most effective strategies and tools to reach everyone from Timbuktu to Tulsa to Tokyo, have a very Merry Christmas!

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