A Reflection Across A Semester sulzyche pinnock

Dear Ms. Moody,

Of the time spent in this course, I feel as though I have developed a plethora of skills that will benefit me in the future in many ways. The information that was presented to me through essays, peer review sessions, and even discussion posts have challenged me to use the skills that I learned prior to coming to college and even taking this course. I must say that taking this course has allowed me to see that I have much more potential that I have ever given myself credit for.

The assignments that were given in this course challenged us to use our research skills, use different methods for creating on-screen text, and to think outside of the box.


Although this course was great and helped me to develop new skills and techniques for writing, there were many challenges that I found myself being faced with. The concept of doing an annotated bibliography was the most challenging for me. Although I have heard of an annotated bibliography before, I have never had to do one. But when I actually had to do one for this class, it was very nerve wrecking for me. For the third major essay, we were asked to compose an advocacy project for a local issue. Although the issue that I chose was a great one, writing the annotated bibliography for this was tough. From the research that I found, everything was merely statistics. So writing the annotated bibliography was tough because I had to find different ways in which I would describe what the website was about and how it related to my topic.

When it came to writing digital components, I found that using Adobe Slate was the most challenging for me. As states before, I have never heard of Adobe Slate before taking this class, but we had to use it for our second major essay. When I first used this platform, I was confused and didn't know what I was doing. I found it especially difficult to use the glide show inside of the essay. I thought that there was no way in which I would be able to use this platform to do this assignment. However, as I started maneuvering around the website and started playing with the platform, I found that using it wasn't as difficult as it seemed in the beginning. Using Adobe Slate soon became easier to use.

If the finish line feels too far away, don't look at it. Just look down at your feet and take your next, best step.
Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.

Areas of improvement

When it comes to my writing, I feel as though I could use improvement on using rhetorical analysis. For example, when doing the second major essay for this course, I was informed that i did not use rhetorical analysis or that it was unclear what it was that I was analyzing in my work. I often focus more on discussing the topic instead of explaining how the parts of a piece work together to create a certain effect, whether it be to persuade, entertain or inform. I also feel as though I could improve with incorporating sources more. Although I have been told that I incorporate my sources very clearly within my work, I feel as though they could be improved just a little, especially with finding reputable sources. Having good, credible sources is a great addition to my work and can actually bring much credibility to my work as well.

Improvement begins with "I". Plan specifically so you can implement flexibly.

best work?

I feel as though I did my best work when I completed major essay one and three, in which I had to write an opinion essay and create an advocacy project on a local issue. When it came to drafting both of these essays, I found myself really intrigued with researching he necessary information. While conducting research, I found myself trying to gravitate the readers toward my view and see why this issue was an important one by using pathos and ethos within my work. I feel as though I took this approach to get the reader to see that the issue that I was discussing was a great one and there was something that needed to be done about it. The moments of this course that allowed me to use my strengths of a writer were when I had to do peer review and writing my first draft. These moments allowed me to be able to show others my writing skills and what I can do as a writer. It helped me to showcase the things that I had already knew while also making the necessary corrections when I received feedback from my peers.

A professional is one who does his best work when he feels the least like working.
Success does not lie in "RESULTS" but in "EFFORTS" . "BEING" the best isn't so important. "DOING" the best is all that matters. Be thankful for the hard times, for they have made you.

a final thank you.

Professor Moody, I would like to thank you for everything that you have provided for us to enhance our skills not only as a student but also as a writer. The assignments within this course definitely challenged me to advance myself as a writer. They enabled me to think outside the box and use areas that I never thought I would use or that I even had. I believe that I have enhanced in many areas and greatly appreciate the opportunity of having you as my instructor. I appreciate the way that you were always available to help me whenever I needed on any assignment. I thank you for always giving me clarity whenever I came across something that I did not understand in the assignment. Your organization and preparation for this course exceptional and the best that I have ever seen. I commend you for a job well done. I would recommend anyone that takes and English class online to have you as an instructor.


Sulzyche Pinnock


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