Your Motivational Map Get insight. Be empowered. Take action.

I offer a series of 90 minute, one-to-one sessions, that aim to give you insight into your unique strengths and motivations, in a truly unique manner!

You will receive a set of powerful tools and resources that can help with career direction, improving how you interact with others and help you to solve challenges with motivation at work and in life.

Why should you sign up? Read some of the feedback from others below. Contact me to arrange a an initial 20 mins consultation, where we can explore whether the motivational map is what you need right now.

Michael Powell - Sales Manager

When Kenny first mentioned about this program some 6 months ago or so I thought it was a great idea that I would like to do at some point. This has been very significant in that it has helped me to understand, on a more granular, practical and usable level why I what I do and more importantly how this may be received by others. This has really helped me think how I can communicate more effectively especially in a leadership capacity. Its has been a truly worthwhile experience that I recommend to everyone.

Lucy Grimble - Communications Manager

I really enjoyed our session together and lots of enlightening things came out of it that have genuinely helped me to understand myself better and to understand why I respond in the way I do in certain situations. I thought the most useful part of the session was the analysis of my 5 top strengths. This part of the session really threw up a lot of revealing truths about myself but in a way that didn't feel condemning but liberating. You are an excellent coach Kenny. Such a great mix of questioning and wise insight.

Maktuno Suit - Psychotherapist

Kenny conducted a motivational mapping consultation with myself and my wife a couple of months ago. The experience was amazing as it clarified where we had dominated career goals and priorities moving forward. It demystified a lot of the big questions we can have about career choices and provided me with information that I fed back to my employer ­ who is now using the information to develop and motivate me in my current role!

Rebekah Thomas - Mother and Personal Assistant

Kenny has amazing listening skills and through the breakdown of each section, this was evident along with a genuine interest in helping me challenge myself, move forward and accepting me as an individual.

This is an excellent tool for any team as there's hidden treasures in all of us and what better way in discovering it than having all your strengths and weaknesses pulled out in a simple motivational map session with Kenny!

When I develop my business, I know who my go to will be for assisting in getting the best out of everyone in my team!

Prices vary depending on need. Contact me at for more info, and to begin a conversation, not a hard sell!

Kenny Temowo

PGCE, PG CERT. Adv. Educational Practice

Licensed Motivational Map Practitioner and Director at Heartsparks You Ltd

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