Red Dog Film Review By Candice Tautuhi

Red Dog is a great movie to watch its comedy-drama and a great family film to watch. Red Dogs name is (KoKo) it's based on a true event in Dampier, Western Australia. Red dog is a kelpie that wonders around Australia and he doesn't hurt anything and anyone. This movie is made in an Australian outback filmed in Western Australia in Pilbara.

My favourite part of the movie is when Red dog becomes apart of the Australian community. Everyone in the community sees red dog walking around, sitting on the roads, following people, looking and exploring around. Red dog has been with so many people throughout this movie and he finally finds his true friend or owner John. John and red dog became best mates, Red dog stayed with john for as long as he could, then something happens towards the end.

HAVE YOU SEEN JOHN? Came to red dog's head as John was going on a motorbike ride and had fallen of and died. When john died Red dog would travel everywhere to find John, he would go to people places, where John worked and more places until he could find him, Red dog then went back home and realized John wasn't going to come back. Red dog went somewhere else and found John's grave and stayed at John's grave

Red dog died on Johns grave on the 1971 – November 21, 1979 everybody was sad to lose the best community dog that travelled in Australia Pilbara. When John looked after Red dog. They were a family and Red dog really liked John.

A girl named Nancy that married John, bought a new puppy TRUE BLUE, After Red dog died. True blue was a new community dog for everyone it was a new version of red dog.

The community, after Red dog died, put his statue up in Dampier. This is a true event that happened in Australia. This movie was released in August 4th 2011.

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