Christian Higa Photographer And Videographer Portfolio

Hi, My name is Christian Higa.

I'm a Photographer and Videographer.

I'm from San Diego, California.

My work ranges from Video Editing, Video Production, Customer Service, Graphic Design, and Photography.

I love using nature in a beautiful style for my photos.

Natural scenes can be an ecstatic part of joy and life.
With the beauty of the natural wood and scenery with a nice saturation glowing in the photo. 
Shooting with long exposures in a dark or in a low-light situation is one of my favorite moments to shoot with nature in the scene or background.
When on a photo shoot, or taking pictures I always love trying to have trees in the background giving a light taste in a natural contrast from the trees.
When getting sunset photography I'm always looking to get the trees of nature into my photos like I said, this gives a different color and contrast to the photos and can be eye catching.
Christian Higa - Making Nature A Beautiful In Every Image Captured.
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Christian Higa


Christian Higa (ChrisEditing)

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