My Favorite and Least Favorite Movie By Jordan Mitchell

I myself am a HUGE movie fan. If I had more money than what I have now, I would spend it all on going to the movies, buying movies, and renting movies. THANK GOD FOR NETFLIX AND HULU. When it comes down to Netflix and Hulu, you really have to dig for some solid movie watching. Yes 8 dollars a month is a deal, BUT is the money worth it if there are no good films? What makes a movie really suck is paying for a movie that you have to force yourself to sit through and NOT enjoy it. Even worse than that is when you are expecting the movie to get better the entire time and instead it just has a completely flat story. The power of expecting a movie to be the most amazing thing in the world is so real. Given that there are so many movie choices to choose from, I would have to say that my absolute least favorite movie is...

Suicide Squad

Yes Suicide Squad. I am a huge Batman fan, and when I found out that a movie was coming out about, not only Joker but ALL of the villains from Batman, you better believe that my expectations were high. I was thoroughly disappointed that the infamous Joker only appeared a hand full of times. His character development and costume were so on point that he deserved to be a bigger role in the movie. The story throughout the film was a whole lot of nothing. There was zero to no conflict the entire time and the "plot-twists" were all so predictable. The main characters were under-developed and the costumes were dull. This is how I felt after watching that movie:

My favorite movie has been my favorite movie for quite some time now.

17 Again

Yes, 17 Again. Why do I love this movie so much? Is it the smoking hot, multi-talented, blue-eyed, super hot (yes I said hot twice) Zac Efron? Well duh. But what makes me love this movie even more is that the plot is so simple that they could literally run in any directions with it. It's about a dad who pretty much hates his life encounters a mysterious man who grants his the ability to relive his high school years. Do you know how much drama and absolute ridiculousness happens in ones high school years? Let me tell you: it's A LOT. The movie was relatable because people who were in high school get the jokes and the people who weren't in high school experienced it when they were younger. The supporting actors were absolutely hilarious and had their own story line going on the side of the main plot which was like having a two for one movie. I would have totally watched a movie about how a nerdy million-air faked being a dad to a high school student and flirted with and even nerdier principal. Instead, I got to watch that story as I was watching another story and only paid for one movie. It. Was. Fabulous.

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