Carving by: Areianna I.

I picked this photo because i really liked it. I also picked it because this is how I feel all the time at home and at school. Then I put the photo in photoshop.

Then i put the photo into easel and put in jpeg. Then i dragged the image in to where you are suppose to put it. Then in easel inventables i dragged the photo in and changed the material dimensions. X was changed to 6 inches. Y was changed to 6 inches. Z was changed to 0.25 inches.

Then I changed the material to two-color HDPE

Last i changed the bit size to 1/16 inches

Then I hooked up my easel inventables to the labtop and then it started carving.

This is when it started carving.

After it was done tracing the circle it started tracing the eyes.

After it started tracing the eyes it started tracing the mouth and the eyebrows

This is how my carving turned out after it was done.

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