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Nagra won 6 best sound of show at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Colorado.

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Best Preamplifier of the year 2017, Nagra HD PREAMP

John Stancavage’s RMAF : Best of Show at RMAF, it is a contender for year-end honors. Cost-no-object systems

..Wilson Audio/Nagra: The preamp alone cost almost $60,000, but the combination of Nagra electronics and Wilson’s new Alexia 2s ($57,500/pair USD) had a level of resolution and musicality that not only was among the Best of Show at RMAF, it is a contender for year-end honors. (PartTimeAudiophile)

The Absolute Sound magazine:

*Most Significant Product Introduction: Nagra HD preamplifier

*Best Sound (Cost No Object):

Right out of the gate, I’m going to cheat a bit here, and include Nagra’s HD preamplifier ($59,500) among my top selections. It does utilize one tube per channel so cannot be classified as a solid-state component, but it sounds so incredible, I feel obligated to report on it. The HD preamplifier is designed to complement Nagra’s other HD electronics and includes several patent-pending technologies, such as a unique volume control that allows perfect level matching via a tap on Nagra’s custom output transformers. Its sophisticated power supply, located in a separate chassis, utilizes a unique virtual battery technology that eliminates battery charging time. The preamp has a suspension to isolate it from external disturbances to help lower the noise floor and increase clarity. In a system with a Nagra tape deck, Kronos turntable, Nagra phono stage and HD amplifiers, Kubala Sosna cables, and Wilson Alexia 2 speakers, the HD preamp produced a very natural, transparent, detailed, and full-bodied sound—certainly one of the best at the show. The Nagra HD preamplifier is scheduled to ship at the end of November.

We’ll be giving out only one award for RMAF this year to Nagra audio.

So there was a system that stood out with its incredible musical gestalt. I think I spent at least 30 minutes in this room. A lot of that heightened shimmer and shine sounds artificial to me anyway. My heart’s set on getting a pair of Wilson Audio Alexia Series-2 loudspeakers and some Nagra gear…Best of Show award for RMAF 2017.

Music: Rosalie: How Long Has This Been Going On – Ben Webster. There’s plenty of organic sonic dust on this track. Hank Jones plays the piano gently near the rear right side of the soundstage while Ben’s tenor saxophone harmonizes wistfully off-center to the left. The full-bodied and weighty bass plucks from George Duvivier makes listening so palpable and real. This highly resolving system was able to relay the exertion and air of all the performers in a very natural and compelling way. Hypnotic to say the least.

Enjoy the music, show Report RMAF 2017, Nagra Audio always, and i do mean always, brings some of the best sounds at any show. Is it their setup magic genie, or simply producing some of the industry's best gear that simply works wonderfully? No matter what the cause, the outcome is a room i could forget about the 'show' and just enjoy the music!

Nagra HD AMP, a new reference for all our dealers.

Nagra HD PREAMP around the world

MySound store in Münich

Tokyo Audio Show 2017 with our distributor Taiyo

Salon Haute Fidélité Paris (High End Show)

Second system with ClassicINT, Classic DAC and CDT

The Hi-Fi News Live Show in London

The Hi-fi News Live Show in London on 18 and 19 0ctober 2017 was the very first official exhibition held by Padood with our products. The setup was implemented with new YG Acoustics Sonja XV Junior loudspeakers as a world premiere, the new Nagra HD PREAMP exhibited for the first time in Europe, a set of four Nagra HD AMP in bi-amp configuration i.e. two amps per YG Acoustics speaker, a Nagra HD DAC, a Nagra CDP, a Nagra MPS and a Nagra VPS connected to a SME turntable and tonearm with EMT cartridge. Full Kubana Sosna wiring all around. The sound was simply awesome !

Four Nagra HDAMP in bi-amps configuration i.e. two amps per YG Acoustics speaker

Acoustic Gallery store Paris

Nagra, VI and Seven recorder in action !

Recording at La Maison symphonique Montreal

Montreux Jazz festival - Amine et Hamza 10tet

Nagra VI and Seven recorder

Frederic Alarie Trio recorded with Nagra IV-S and the Nagra Seven

Nagra HD DAC is the new reference D/A for mastering Studio.

Mastering engineer Chab who did the Daft Punk, Random Access Memories album used Nagra HD DAC

"The album was mastered in two stages – initially by industry legend Bob Ludwig from the analogue mix masters. He then released the 88.2 kHz 24-bit files to the band, who made further changes and tweaks with Antoine Chabert (“Chab”) from Translab studios in Paris."

The 2xHD Mastering Lab uses all Nagra products for its mastering. 2xHD just won a Positive Feedback "Writers' Choice Award" for their remastering of Bill Evans, Stan Getz, Jaco Pastorius, Sonny Boy Williamson ...

HDdac, Seven, ClassicPreamp, MPS, VPS, ClassicAmp, Nagra IV-S and NagraT

Other High End Labels that use Nagra recorders are STS Digital and fonè Records.

"My Nagra 7 goes with me everywhere.

From Los Angeles to Jamaica to New York to the Badlands of South Dakota, this little recorder has proven itself to be an indispensable part of my toolkit. Leave it to others more qualified than I to expound on the quality of the preamps and other technical wizardry, I simply know that it works. Flawlessly.

I’ve used it on commercials and documentaries and TV dramas. I’ve thrown it in a car with a Schoeps plant, turned it on and watched as actors drove off through Malibu Canyon, returning an hour later. I’ve used it on process trailers, car to car rigs and once mounted on a motorcycle rider doing dialogue down PCH. I’ve used it for interviews and scripted work. I once used it to record Cher singing an impromptu song for a commercial, then ended up using the Nagra as the playback machine to feed her earwig. I used it over-the-shoulder on a ski slope, in a moving subway and on the heliport of the First Interstate building in downtown LA. In every situation I’ve needed it , the Nagra worked flawlessly.

It’s a lightweight, reliable and superb sound recorder that’s simple to use. What more can I say?" -Moe Chamberlain

NAGRA 7 is what I have found to be the best!

"Working in the film and television industry for over 30 years, I have considerable experience with what works and what fails. My reputation depends on the highest quality recorders available. The most recognized name in professional audio recording in the field is still with us today. NAGRA.

Through extensive research and use, the NAGRA 7 is what I have found to be the best and most compact 2 track recorder out there. High quality low noise dual mic pre-amps with timecode make the NAGRA 7 a perfect choice for my small package and back up recording needs. I consider myself a forward thinker in my profession, and I was drawn to the built-in Wi-Fi and 4G capabilities. I want to be able to upload my recorded files in the field, giving post production the ability to receive my files instantly anywhere in the world. I consider NAGRA to be one of the foremost leading companies in the professional audio industry and I always trust them with my work. -Joe Foglia, CAS"

CES 2018, join us at the Venetian in room 29-210

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