Cattle mating traits for both male & female By: shyann & maddy


  • The normal estrus length for cows is 6-35 hours.
  • Some signs of being in heat are cow stands when being mounted by other cows
  • mucus discharge from vulva, swelling and redness of vulva
  • might rest head or chin on another cows butt or back
  • When multiple cows are in heat the mounting of other cows is more active among herd.
  • The best time to observe behaviors is in the morning and evening.
  • A way to know a female is pregnant is when the bull goes around them, then the female goes away, and don't want anything to do with them.


  • When a cow is in estrus the bull becomes excited and follows her closely.
  • Bulls of dairy breeds are more sexually driven than beef bulls.
  • the traditional number that a bull can service is 25-30 cows per bull, this number could be easily increased to as many as 50 cows per bull.
  • Breeding soundness exam is 30-60 days prior to when bull gets turned out. They measure scrotum circumference, make sure testicle and penis function right, then take a semen collection and test sperm mobility and sperm count.

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