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Sassia-Funny Held had the chance to learn every instrument she was interested in, while she went to school. She wrote hundreds of lyrics, composed and worked together with other young musicians. They went to a lot of concerts to get inspired and support the way of other artists like Clueso, Dota or Killerpilze.



Glitzer im Zelt (demo album 2018)

Berlin 2:42

...dann tanz ich und sing ich im Pollensturm 3:58

Glut in der Nacht 4:02

Chiller-Generation 3:15

Mr. Dark 2:51

Nachts sind alle Katzen schwarz 4:24

Bildungskritik 5:07

Schwingen der Nacht 3:42

Trust yourself 2:00

other songs:

Hollywood 3:02

einsame Katze 1:57

Individuell 1:54

new songs:

Frühlingspiraten 02:35

Emoticons aren‘t enough 2:40

Kissenburgbesetzungspläne 5:50

Heimweg im Regen 3:02

Wer träumt nicht von LA? 3:46

The night, that f*cked up my mind - Das Lied, das ich nie schreiben wollte 4:03

Follow the sun 2:37

Just a girl with a guitar 1:39

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