Waiting, Unnoticed By: Alex Doyle

She works hard-

But unintentionally slacks, writes the papers,

strewn on the bed, under the painting.

She found something else to focus on,

Sings an out of tune and dusty guitar

On a gloomy shelf, with other discarded instruments.

She puts sports first, Say the athletic medals,

Strung up in front of academic achievements.

She is passionate about her artful looks

And intent to show them,

Announce the portrait covered desk, by her shelves.

The girl got bored-

and struggles to move on

Paints the still-exposed -

unfinished work of art on the papers.

She is innocent but, all knowing

Says the wide eyed child

Swooning over a butterfly -

In a globe, by the door with marks.

She wanted to be and do more

State the dull-

Foreign coins

Wrapped in intricate cloth, with beautiful designs.

She is nervous about her talents

Whispers the music under her bed.

Yet still after her achievements,

her talents

She pleads for someone to notice

Screams her room

With carefully placed awards,

Trophies, and talents,

Waiting unnoticed.

Created By
Alex Doyle

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