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Be a Mason. Be a Brother.

The secret of Masonry, like the secret of life, can be known only by those who seek it, serve it, live it. It cannot be uttered; it can only be felt and acted. It is, in fact, an open secret, and each man knows it according to his quest and capacity. Like all things worth knowing, no one can know it for another and no man can know it alone. — William Howard Taft

Being a Brother of Robinson Locke Lodge is a commitment to develop your own potential, to the values that sees all humankind as equal, and to helping others in our community. Make your life count for more and become the best you can be. When join Robinson Locke Lodge and become a Freemason, you join a long tradition of community and world leaders, and great men in many fields, who found rare inspiration and unwavering support through this Brotherhood. You are embraced in a fellowship that genuinely cares for each of its members and wants to see them excel and meet life’s challenges with strength, integrity and honor. Even if you are ‘an everyday man’ you can reach greater potential in your own life - as a son, father, partner, husband, brother or friend. You will find real opportunities to make a difference for your family, for your community and for each individual your life touches.

Freemasonry Basics

Freemasonry was founded by men who shared a commitment to supporting each other in friendship, fellowship and service to mankind. For thousands of years, men have found spiritual and philosophical fulfillment as members of the fraternity, which still operates on the same core values. In order to become a Freemason, it is necessary to meet these requirements:

  1. Be a man.
  2. Have a sound reputation, and be well-recommended by your peers.
  3. Believe in a Supreme Being, regardless of your religion.
  4. Be over the age of 18 years.

Build Your Character

The Freemason motto is "better men make a better world." Freemasonry stresses honor, personal responsibility and personal integrity, and offers the following to its members:

  1. Teachings on the philosophy and history of Freemasonry.
  2. Encouragement to live for the good of all mankind, and ideas for practicing good citizenship and acting with charity and love.
  3. An invitation to participate in the ancient rites of Freemasonry, including a handshake, the rituals of initiation, and freedom to use the Masonic square and compass symbol.

Robinson Locke Lodge meets at least twice monthtly, on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at the Sylvania Masonic Temple (except in July and August) with special Fellowcraft dinners the first Monday of each month.