ENGLISH 150 By: johnathon hoeppner

In this picture, Savannah is in lab working on her paper for English. Using one of the General Education outcomes, she is analyzing the needs of her intended audiences. This connects to our future in college by helping us learn how to connect with the audience.
As you can see in this, I am helping Keegan with his paper. He needs to know what his purpose is for writing that I told him. This is a general education outcome. This is connecting to our future with helping us realize why we are writing what we are. It gives us a better outlook on our paper and helps getting examples.
As you can see, Doug, Morgan and Matt are in a group. From the general education outcomes they are analyzing the writing situation, identify needed information, and locate the appropriate information for their writing. This is helping each other by giving new information to each other to use in the future.
Matt and Morgan have a question about their paper that they are trying to write; how to organize is the question. This is a general outcome asking us to choose the appropriate method to organize effectively. Helping us organize our writing so it is effective to the audience is very helpful in college and also in other courses.
Greg is in workshop working on his McGraw Hill Connect. He is helping his grammar by doing this. This goes along with the general education outcome to produce effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics. The connect will help us in almost any class that we have to write in.
In our group, we are working on our final paper for Unit 4. We are working effectively with others to produce and/or revise written materials; as part of a general education outcome. This is helping us for future projects in groups that we are in.
Matt is looking up information for his research paper to find a reliable source. This one uses two of the outcomes for course outcomes. He is using the web to develop ideas and find reliable resources for his writing and also assessing sources and information. This is going to help next semester when the whole class is based off of research papers.
This is our classroom as a whole. We are starting to get the hang of things inside of class. We are adapting to our workplace and providing written documents as required by our professor. This is an outcome of general education. We will use the techniques we learned in our future classes to hopefully do our best and succeed.
Miante is doing his Unit 3 short write 2. This is analyzing the context and purpose of a writing problem. The short writes help us with our much larger paper due at the end of the unit and it is a writing problem to get out brains working, which is a course outcome. This will help us in college papers to get our heads working towards a good outline or outcome.
As Keegan is working on his rough draft, he is stating a strong assertion for his paper. While he is doing that he is also trying to support his assertion by using good examples. This is a course outcome by stating and supporting assertions. This will help Keegan for the next time he writes a paper that he needs to support his assertion.
Ryan, Savannah and De'Andre are all working peer-review. They are working on critiquing other’s drafts and working collaboratively on a writing problems. They are also organizing their ideas effectively so that each person gets positive feedback. These are both
Unique, other than drinking her coffee is trying to find synonyms so that her paper isn't repetitive. She is doing this to choose words and tone of voice appropriate to a given audience, which is a course outcome. This will help her in the future when she is writing a paper for her other classes as well.
Keegan and Greg are working on their peer-review for this unit 3. Other than critiquing their papers so it's correctly done they are improving their content and style using feedback and revision. This is a course outcome and will help in any class you have to write in. I personally will use this
Kyamauri is working on revising her paper. She is using her knowledge to critique her grammar and other things for paper. Editing a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation is a course outcome and will help anyone in college. This helps people make sure that their paper is set and ready to turn in along with fixing over-looked mistakes.
This is another example of critiquing other’s drafts and working collaboratively on a writing problem. We are all working on our unit paper here trying to revise and get the best grades we possibly can. We are working as a team and helping each other. This is going to help us with our future and working collaboratively.

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