John's Murder By:Melanie Lozano

Ellen was named after her grandmother, who was known to solve every mysterious case presented to her. Her presence was tall and slim, a real beautiful woman, who catches attention from everyone. But the real way to spot her is her clothes always runway ready and sporting the newest looks. Ellen had never worked with kids before, but in this case she learned that she had to use her best strength, reverse psychology. She did have a weakness though. It was that she has a soft spot for children. She’d always wanted to be a mother although she could never be one due to a bad condition was diagnosed with. Another one of her weaknesses was her fear claustrophobia in case any small spaces could get her so nervous she couldn't function; in fact, she has gone to the hospital due to her cluster phobia.

She received a call from her client who needed help solving a five year old's murder. When Ellen puts herself to anything she will accomplish, she won't let anything get in her way not her phobias. Not her weaknesses, not anybody. She will strive to get her client satisfied. It all started the first day she had to go to school as a substitute to find out who murdered little John. Her first suspect was the janitor. Since the little boy was found inside the janitor's closet, it would be an odd choice to not suspect the janitor. The second suspect was the teacher next-door. She had always had something against John, but no one really noticed it but Ellen, and her last suspect was the principal. Since John wasn't always the best student, he had to go to the principal's office a lot which did interrupt her from all his duties. And that made principal Littman the third suspect on Ellen's list.

She started off with the janitor the first day. After her last class left she “accidentally” spilled her daily coffee all over her class room floor. When the janitor came to clean it up she had time to sneak into his office and go through things like his bag and phone. Unfortunately all she found was a bunch of useless information. In which case she moved on to the teacher next door. They organized a meeting after school with all teachers in order to help Ellen, since they thought she was a new sub. Although Ellen didn't have to attend and that gave her the perfect opportunity to sneak into the room next door and find suspicious items. Towards the end of that meeting she ended up almost getting caught. She proceeded to sneaking out the window and ending up in the parking lot. And last but not least she had to investigate the principle. This suspect was the hardest to find information on since there is always someone watching everything for him. Luckily, she was able to team up with another detective working in the school. His job was to find some stolen money that could have possibly been taken by the principle. All in all it wasn't any one of her suspects. She took hours trying to figure out any other possibility in who could have murdered the little boy, and that's when it hit her!

The next day as soon as she came in she rearranged the seating in the class. She sat the little boy who claimed to be the saddest about John’s death right next to her. She went on studying the little boy whose name cannot be shared due to privacy of the family. She soon realized that the little boy was just playing one of his favorite games, hide and seek. When he was looking for the other child he just happen to have scissors in his hand. One thing let to another and little John was stabbed to death. That was the solved case of John’s murder, one of many that Ellen has solved.


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Melanie Lozano

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