PRHS Student Vaping By Hunter Oliveri

Many students at Paso High vape. 34% of Freshman vape at PRHS. I interviewed a freshman student(Name N/A), Why the person vapes, when they do it and how many times, if they have been caught. The student said it is a sense of satisfaction and they like the feeling of a “Nicotine Buzz’’ the student calls it, and same for 67% of other students that vape, is the main reason they do it. Only about 18% of the 34% of Freshman that vape have been caught on campus. Of the students that vape, 84% get their vaping products from other peers, or students at PRHS, and 26% get it from adults, or people out of highschool such as siblings, or young adults. From my statistics, students at PRHS usually vape on campus in stalls, the parking lot and even in the quad. 60% of the freshman that vape do it more than 8+ times a day. 12% vape 5+ times a day. 28% vape 3+ times a day. If young adults vape at a consistent rate, it can confuse the brain and another effect is you can get popcorn lung , which makes it hard to breathe, and do activities that require physical use and exercise. Some smoke shops now allow under age adults such as teens , to go in to smoke shops and buy their product. This is another option for teens at PRHS to get vape products because some shops don’t check for identification. Statistics are that 9% of teens at PRHS get products from smoke shops as underage teens. 3 % of teens that use nicotine before the age of 24 are 40% more likely to have problems with the brain than people who don’t use nicotine. Vaping is attractive to teens of because all the juices they have.

There is flavors like cotton candy, mango, mint, fruits, and many more.
Graphic #2
Vaping on an oceanside
One of the most popular, if not the most known vape around school
Smok novo getting popular on school campus

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