Pearl A symbol of Fear, beauty and innocence

An A that sparks fear

Pearl sparks fear, much like the woods, in the hearts of the townspeople. They see her as an evil creature dressed as an A. She represents how their fear is null in void. Being just a child, she can be molded into either a monster from the woods, or molded into innocence.

A representation of innocence: Pearl is affiliated with a blooming rose bush untouched and young. She morphs, herself, from a vision of fear to a symbol of truth (she takes pride in her mothers scarlet letter)

Meaning Behind Pearl

A pearl is the epitome of beauty, yet comes out of a coarse hard shell. Peals name literally exudes beauty. The representation through the story means that Peal comes from a place where she is feared and hated. Yet, she still shows beauty to a town who thinks she comes from a place of sin.


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