Leadership without Answers Paris Richey

What is Leadership?

Leadership,by book definition, is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Leadership is necessary in a society without it there would be more room for wars and things of that nature to occur. We consider the following examples as leaders:





We consider people leaders because of their values. If you and the person who you believe is a potential leader have the same core value belief then naturally you will follow their actions. Leadership has always been a sexist concept. Women were not seen as great leaders until centuries later. Today, women are still undervalued as leaders.

"Leaders" gain public interaction through things called transactions by which an individual gains influence and upholds that power. Leaders must learn to use the power of persuasion. Donald Trump was very successful with this skill in the past election. People often state that 'leaders are born, not made" I feel that this statement is false. Leaders must be taught by other leaders to create a great leader. You aren't born with the knowledge of beginning a leader.

Leadership is about than influencing a body of people. Its about provide the people with the goal you promised them you would meet. Its about making their values come to life.

Part Two:

How does a "leader" lead others in the wrong direction?

The truth is how do we know what a leader values is right or wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about the world we live in. As the world changes we must learn to adapt to the world around us, even if that means changing values.

Leaders need to be able to solve problems quickly and effectively. The most attempt to solve the problem regardless of whether they feel they have the right answers.

If they cant solve the problem, they must find a new approach at a fast pace.

Part Three:

Roots of Authority

Leadership starts at the root. Leaders are produced by those who they look up too.


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