Net Neutrality “Common sense is not so common”

By Sean Lang

Voltaire's views were mainly towards equality and how we should all have equality. Even though Voltaire did not live to see the day of electronics and the net, I can guarantee Voltaire would be for net neutrality. Net neutrality is the idea that Broadband service providers cannot block or deliberately slow speeds for internet services or apps, create special "fast lanes" for content, or engage in other practices that harm internet openness. At the end of the day Voltaire is for equality and net neutrality. An example of how I know this is when he says,

“when it comes to money, everyone is of the same religion”

As I was saying before Voltaire is in on this because of his idea of equality. With Net Neutrality this would be bringing equality to the people and not leaving it to the big companies. He knows that everyone is equal. He shows this in his quote which says,

“All People are equal, it's not birth, its virtue alone that makes the difference”

Voltaire's quote here explains a lot about him. Showing what he believes about people and how the society was at the moment of him writing this. He knows that everyone who is brought to this world is brought here for a reason and should be treated the same. However sadly Voltaire knows that is not how it is,

Voltaire was a man of equality. Believing any opinion is important, no matter who says it. If Voltaire was able to live long enough to experience net neutrality he would be on board knowing everyone would get the same rights and privileges as others.

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