The Gymnastics Mishap By: Ella Waidalowski

I had just gotten home from school after a great day, so excited to go to gymnastics practice. I had a meet that upcoming weekend. Usually, I would not be that excited to go to gymnastics, but since we had a meet coming up that weekend I was very excited to practice my routines and perfect them for the meet.

“It’s almost time to go!” yelled my mom. “Ok!” I yelled back down. I quickly gathered all of my stuff in my bag and then ran down the stairs. I grabbed my water bottle and ran out the door, making sure I was not late. We drove up to my gym, which usually took about 45 minutes. As I got to the gym, I felt even more excited. I ran in and we started warming up and stretching.

When we were done, we started doing something that we usually did not do. After practicing our routines, we were practicing our back tucks. I was very excited to do them, but also very nervous. They are one of the most fun, but most dangerous gymnastics skills. My coach reassured me that she would spot me so that I would not fall and hurt myself. As it became close for my turn to do it, I became even more nervous.

When it was my turn, my coach then again reassured me that I would be fine and that she would not make me do it if she didn’t think I was ready. I took a deep breath and then began running, making sure to focus. I did my round off and then went in for my back tuck. In mid air, I could feel the shifting I was making instead of straight backwards. As I landed, I could feel my coach suddenly let go of me. I hit the ground, and could feel my foot slam on the ground as I fell. I hit the ground, my foot slamming the ground, landing sideways, and twisting. I felt the shock run through me. At first I couldn’t feel my foot and didn’t know what was wrong.

“Oh my gosh!” yelled my coach. “Are you ok?!” “Yeah,” I answered back. But when I went to stand up I could feel the pain in my foot. I managed to stand up, but hardly made it. I had to call my mom to come and pick me up. When she came, my coach explained to her what happened. She explained that she dropped me after she had reassured me that she would make sure that I would be ok. She said that she was really really sorry that this happened. After we left, it was around 7:00. It was too late to go to the doctors that night, so we decided to go in the morning.

The next morning, we went to the doctors. They had to x-ray my foot to see if it was broken or not. As we waited for the results, I felt even more anxious as time went on. Then the doctor came in. Sure enough, he said that my foot was fractured and I had to be in a splint for 5-7 weeks. “Just my luck,” I thought. I couldn’t believe it. I was upset that my foot was fractured but even more upset that I couldn’t compete in what was one of the biggest meets of the season that weekend.

My coach had told me that I would be ok if I did that back tuck, but I really wasn’t. She had dropped me and now I was out of gymnastics for weeks and couldn’t compete in the meet that weekend. After my foot was healed, I never went back to the gym again. I learned my lesson, never to do a skill that you think you aren’t ready for, or at least never to trust someone that you don't think will 100% help you.

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