Plate Boundary Project By: Ariana Linton

A Divergent Plate Boundaries forms where two plates separate.

Convergent Plate Boundary

Type of Stress and Motion:Tension

Types Of Landforms Created:Volcanic Lands, Molten Lava

Real World Event/Disaster: East Africa's Great Rift Valley

East African Rift Valley

Video of the Great Rift Valley in Africa!!

A Divergent Plate (found on google)

Convergent Plate Boundary

A Convergent Plate Boundary is a boundary that forms where two plates collide.

Two Convergent Plate Boundaries colliding

Type of Motion and Stress:Compression

Landforms:Strong Earthquakes, Volcanic Islands.

Real World Event: The Himalayas

The Himalayas

Here is a website i found that has a video over the tectonics and the Himalayas.

Convergent Boundary

Transform Plate Boundary

A transform plate boundary is when two plates slide past each other.

Transform Plate Boundary

Plate Motion/Stress:Shear

Landforms:Strong Earthquakes, Volcanic Mountains,Sinking Oceanic Plates

Transform Boundary

Real World Event:San Andreas Boundary

San Andreas in California

Here is a video of the San Andreas Fault


Created with images by oskaree - "have you ever captured a rainbow? .... how about two?" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Iceland" • Darkside_sithlord [Marlon Garcia] - "® Mayon Volcano" • tonynetone - "World's Most Famous Fault"

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