Tour of FLMNH Ali Murman

The Estuary Close-Up Exhibit

Nature on Display:

I enjoyed the Estuary Close-Up exhibit because the ocean fascinates me. Growing up near the ocean, it is neat to learn what happens in the water. Water is obviously important, but it was interesting to learn that the movement of the water is essential also. I learned that water movement distributes nutrients and removes the waste. I enjoyed the presentation of the exhibit. The design of the exhibit drew me in because it is tinted blue. I liked how the exhibit focused on things that are very small and blew them up. It brought my attention to something I would normally not think about. I may not have been inclined to learn anything new about water if it weren't for the cool presentation of this exhibit.

The Mighty Canoe

Nature and ethics:

As I went through the museum, it became very obvious how much we need nature. As humans, we take advantage of nature quite often but we need to learn how to respect it. We must take from nature to survive, but we should only take as much is necessary and work to preserve its beauty. The Calusa's relationship with nature is beautiful. They utilized nature to craft canoes out of cypress and pine trees. They also used the river as a natural road way in order to connect communities. They had to depend upon nature to give them these opportunities. I think everyone at the museum understands the beauty and importance of nature and believes in preserving it as much as we can. The museum connected me with nature by giving me some context instead of just looking at the object and moving on. I believe land is worth much more than its economic value.

The Butterfly Rainforest

NAture and the human spirit:

Normally, I would not take time out my school day to go look at a museum. This was a nice way to take a break from school and relax. The butterfly rainforest was my favorite part of the museum. There were so many butterflies and the vegetation was beautiful. I liked to see the uniqueness of each butterfly. Seeing a butterfly up close is exciting because they usually move so quickly. Similar to other nature, butterflies are very mysterious. We don't always have a chance to get a really good look, and we definitely can't understand everything in it. It's sad how many beautiful sights are in the world that I will never get to see. It makes me feel like I should appreciate each new sight I come across and really take the time to enjoy the view.

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