STRUCTURES 2700 tavaris Brooks, Clemson university, Spring 2017


Our project consist of two 1 lb. cubes, one slightly above the other, that are in perfect equilibrium through tension thanks to various string supports found throughout the model. These string supports are compressed against the two wooden pegs as well as the cube itself.


We initially had trouble determining the position of the wooden pegs and the string placement in order to receive the desired effect. However we soon found that the pegs would have to extend outward in opposite directions, and the string would have to interact with the cube directly.



My project consisted of a simple truss-based bridge created using 1/8" wooden dowels and super glue. The bridge weighed in at about 0.084 grams and was able to support a load of 17.5 pounds. After the 5th weight ((17.5 lbs.) was added my bridge gave out


After closely examining the collapse of my bridge it seems that the bridge gave out at the far right and left sides. I believe that this occurred because the middle of the bridge was reinforced by two dowels, while the far right and left sides of the bridge depended on the strength of a single dowel. This caused the edges of my bridge to be significantly weaker than the center. Also, the vertical beams of my bridge were not evenly spaced, causing the hangings rope, which suspended the weights, to not line up with the vertical dowels causing an uneven distribution of weight throughout the bridge. Lastly, a few of my vertical dowels were uneven in height, this caused some of these dowels to become very loose, adding to the instability of the bridge as a whole.



Throughout the truss project, students were tasked with the challenge of designing four different trust systems. The first system asked for symmetry, the second asymmetry, the third an uneven point within the slope of the truss, and the fourth required a rounded form.

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