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Creative - Shoes. Shoes of all types. This represents the kind of person I am. Multi Dimensional. From running, to competing, kicking back. Shoes tell stories.
Giant Against The World
Technical - I am a believer in black and white photography. Black and White is timeless quality. Black and White is a throwback to the photographic past. I played around with both of these photos quite a bit. Cropping to better present the subject. Intensity, Exposure, Saturation... all to bring out the best.
Symmetrical - I'm thankful to have an uncle with an artistic eye. These photos were shot in his studio up in San Francisco. He guided me in taking these shots, and I believe they truly demonstrate symmetric photography.
Asymmetrical - Asymmetric photography allows the eye to wander. There's multiple dimensions to each shot, and small details waiting to be discovered.
Influential (John Wildgoose) It was love at first sight when I stumbled upon Wildgoose's work. I love how effortlessly he displays realism in our world, and each photo has its own story to tell. Transportation, Communication, Relaxation, Education.
Thematic - I chose to photograph dogs because I believe they symbolize innocence. They remind me of childhood, something I long to relive as graduation looms. Dogs are bundles of joy. They're energetic, curious, and open. My enlarged photo is a connection to my technical section. Once again, black and white is timeless.

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