35's Got Talent how to participate

THE EVENT AT A GLANCE // WHAT: 35's Got Talent, The Session's Talent Show. FOR WHOM: All Officials. WHEN: Saturday, 8th of April. WHERE: The premises of Deree College.


Hip hip hooray! The 35th has got its very own Talent Show! We already know about one of your talents. You might be great at debriefing, take awesome photos and set up the best coffee-break tables ever. But don't you want to tell us, or show us (!), another talent of yours? Do you happen to sing, to dance, to do stand-up comedy, to act well, or generally anything that could be mentioned as a talent? Then the event is suited for you! If not, you can just relax and enjoy the performances by the other officials during that night.


The event will go as follows: After the 1st day of Committee Work, and after the Eurovillage, we the officials will gather for the Talent Show at the Lounge room of Deree College. All those who wish to participate at the Show will already have signed up for it, thus they will be ready to perform. After watching each separate performance, the audience will be eligible to vote. After that the 3 talents with the best score will be announced! But there can only be one winner!

Right after the show is concluded another session party will follow!

Voting system: All the officials being present, even if they take part in the show, are eligible to vote upon each Talent, right after it performs! Each Talent can be voted with a grade ranging from 5 to 10, with 5 being "meeh" and 10 being "OMG".

The Voting Platform we are going to use for the show is really simple, since everyone has used it at least 10 times in EYP :P It's Google Forms. Everyone who wishes to vote can do it right after each performance, by using the link below:


Do you dance, sing, act, or generally do something extraordinary in your free time?

Do want to show us your talent during the 35th?

Then do not hesitate to sign-up using the following link, until the DEADLINE (THURSDAY, 6 OF APRIL) !

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