Western Sahara By: austin colwell

I'm going to take you on a little tour of the Western Sahara. I'll tell you about the five themes of geography. Only relating to Western Sahara. I'll answer some questions too.

Location: Position on the Earth's surface (Absolute/Relative).

Relative location: Western Sahara is below Morocco and above Mauritania.

The capital of Western Sahara is El Aaiún. It's coordinates are 27.1253 degrees North, 13.1625 degrees West

This is the capital building in El Aaiún
Western Saharas capital building
Entrance to the capital building
What it looks like to walk towards the capital building

The Western Sahara is located in the continent of Africa.

Western Sahara is at the top left of the African continent

The most noticeable landform is the worlds largest desert. It covers most of the country, it is very arid.

Three facts about the climate. One, it is mostly a desert territory so it is very arid. Two, average high temperatures exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit, over a prolonged period it could reach as much as 122 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Three, average low temperatures can exceed 68 degrees Fahrenheit, or maybe even get as low as 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this arid desert it can get up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
In this desert the average rainfall is below 50mm
In this desert it can drop to as low as 44 degrees Fahrenheit at night

To the North it's Morocco. To the North East it's Algeria. To the South East it's Mauritania. These are the countries that are bordering Western Sahara.

You can see the three countries that border the Western Sahara

To the left of the Western Sahara the Atlantic Ocean borders it.

You're looking at the Atlantic Ocean

Place: is a description of the physical and human characteristics of the location being studied.

Two major natural resources are phosphates and iron ore. Yet, inconclusively searching for oil. So that could be another.

250 million dollar conveyor belt to help boost phosphate mining
Worlds largest conveyor belt which transports phosphates
Riding on the iron ore train
Getting iron to put on the train
Worlds largest conveyor belt transporting phosphates

The aggregated population is commonly referred to as Sahrawi. The entire population is referred to as Arab.

This is where the Sahwari people live
This is what Arab's wear

The main religion in the Western Sahara is Sunni Islam, although some people practice Catholicism.

Sunni Islam church
This shows Islamic people praying
Sunni Islam leader on the left and a Pope on the right

They celebrate some of the same holidays we do here in America such as New Years, Labor Day, and Independence Day. They aren't on the same days but they still Celebrate them.

Celebrating Independence Day in Western Sahara
They celebrate New Years too
They also celebrate labor day

This country is on the United Nations list of non-self governing countries. It has been on that list since 1963 by Moroccan demand.

Human-Enviornment interaction: relation between cultures and environment.

They can't really grow crops here because most of this country is desert, however some places they have oases and they farm camels.

An oases in Western Sahara
Another oases in Western Sahara
A farther picture of the oases in Western Sahara

The two main jobs in this country are fishing and phosphate mining.

Moroccans fishing in Western Sahara
Phosphate transportation
What it looks like to be in a fish shop in Western Sahara

Since one of the main jobs is fishing I decided to pick four fish. There are 42 total endangered animals. 1. Bigeye Tuna. 2. Bottle nose Skate. 3. Cape Shark. 4. Gray Nurse Shark. They are endangered because of poaching.

This is a bigeye tuna
This is a bottle nose skate
This is a cape shark
This is a gray nurse shark

Two of the environmental problems in Western Sahara are pollution and soil degradation.

Region: an area of land that has common features.

The Western Sahara has a primary school (lasts 6 years), lower secondary school (lasts 3 years), and a upper secondary school (lasts 3 years).

Students in Western Sahara
Class room in Western Sahara
Students taking a photo for school

The total population is 522,928. The population density is 5 people per square mile.

The county in square miles is equal to 102,703.

Western Sahara per capita GDP is 2500

Life expectancy for both male and females is 61.52

Western Sahara has between a 15% and a 23% literacy rate.

Western Sahara is part of the Northern African region.

Movement: the disputing of goods and ideas.

Top imports: Telephones, vehicle parts, gas turbines, edible preparations, broadcasting accessories, electrical machines and apparatus, measuring or checking instruments, appliances and machines, automatic data and processing machines, electrical ignition or starting equipment, perfumes and toilet waters.

Top exports: Telephones, Molluscs, Models and Stuffed Animals, Air Pumps, Vehicle Parts, Machinery for working rubber or plastics, Slates and boards, with writing or drawing surfaces, Wood items, Knives and cutting blades for machines, Used clothes and textiles

This is a mollusc
Knives and cutting blades for machines
Vehicle parts

Like our flag they have horizontal stripes but their colors are (top to bottom) black, white, and green. It has a red triangle on the left side of the flag. A crescent moon with a star in the middle of the crescent on the middle of the flag.

Spain signed a tripartite agreement with Morocco and Mauritania as it moved to transfer the territory on November 14, 1975. Spain disappeared from "Spanish Sahara" in three months after that agreement.

They have technology to help mine for phosphates. They also have telephones and one internet provider.

One machine they use for mining
Another Machine they use for mining

Transport in Western Sahara is very limited. One of the major means of transportation is camels, and also busses. In Western Sahara they use internet and telephones.

Internet satellite in Western Sahara
Another satellite

A year ago Morocco moved into a buffer zone and breached a UN-backed cease fire. The Polisario front wants independence for Western Sahara but said moroccos move was a gimmick. Morocco moved on to take their troops back a few hundred meters. This shows that Morocco is willing to work with the United Nations.

The announcement to bring the troops back

Thousands of native Western Saharan's have been living in a refugee camp for more than 40 years.

Refugee in Western Sahara

So Western Sahara has a mountain called devils mountain. Although it's not the prettiest thing to look at it is just a cool thing to see. It's is a giant natural monolith. It's rounded and smooth and just cool to see.

Devil's mountain

Another natural landmark is Oum Dbaa Dry Cascade. It's a seasonal waterfall made out of spring water which contains lime and salt. It also has a tufa formation.

Oum Dbaa Dry Cascade

Like animals? Then go to Cabo Blanco seal colony. The only colony of monk seals in the world. In the Western Sahara they live in caves and they are extremely rare.

Monk seals
Another picture of the monk seals
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Austin Colwell


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