Why learn a second language? What could the possible benefits be?

Have a think about what benefits learning a second language could have for a person. Are there any? Do you think there might be any opportunities it could unlock?

Learning a second language in high school can help you develop your confidence!

It gives you the opportunity to travel around the world and have the ability to communicate with others.

Rome - Italy

It increases brain power!

It can give you employment and study opportunities overseas if you choose to persue it!

It's a great asset to thinking processes! A person who knows more than one language has a brain that opperates differently to a person who only knows one language. It improves brain functionality and the ability to problem solve.

It builds multitasking skills! - Switching between two systems of SPEECH, WRITING and STRUCTURE.

It also improves memory - a brain like muscle. Muscles function better with exercise. Memorizing rules and vocabulary strengthens your mental muscle.

It improves your English as it draws focus to the mechanics of language such as grammar, conjunctions, sentence structure and many more elements.


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