Self-Designed 2 Exercise and My Health


I want to study the effects of working out regularly and maintaining healthy habits on my studying and academic results.


I think it could be really helpful and it has always been a goal of mine to get bigger and stronger as well as becoming healthier.

I don't actually want to get this big but I find it funny


I expect that if I work out regularly and maintain healthy eating habits, then I will be more attentive in class and make it to more classes as well as have a better experience in each class. I think it will be difficult but manageable and beneficial.


My methods are to go to the gym for the month of February, five times a week while also eating healthy. I will then keep track of how many classes I go to while also rating my attentiveness in each of my classes for that day. It is relatively tricky but my graph will make more sense and I will analyze it as well.I will record the attentiveness and number of classes missed at the end of each day.

My ratings of attentiveness ranged from: (poor, good, great)

Below are my workout routines that my roommate helped set up for me

Arm Day Starts: Shoulder, Bench, Rows 4x8

Pull Down Triceps, Barbell Curl, Dumbbell Curl, Skull Crushers, Triceps Dips, Dumbbell Press, Incline, Butterfly Machine, Three way Raises, Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Try out the machines, Chest Across thing with a rope, Curl with the rop

Leg Day Starts: Front, Back, DeadLift

Back squats 4x8 (weight 115,125,135,135) Max 175 Goblet Squats 6x8 (50,55,60) Front Squats (85) think lean back even tho it feels wrong

ROTATE THROUGH THESE THREE Weighted Lunges 3x10 each leg (20&25) Burpees 3x10 Single Leg RDL's 3x10 each leg (30-40) Right arm w/weight to left foot and raise opposite leg. Same on both sides Bar RDL halfway

Squat above knee to right past the knee Alternate the next 2 Horizontal Calf 3x15 (250) Seated Leg Press 3x10 (150+) Leg Curl 3x10 (90) Abductions Both Out in 205 In out 175

Findings and Reflection

I found that the first week was the most difficult and I was sore constantly and missed a good bit of classes. Even though it was very difficult, I kept the recordings up because I wanted to see how this all went down. eventually, my attentiveness in each class got a little better. Like I said, the first week of classes I was basically just a body sitting at a desk but in the second week I was able to take a few notes but wasn't quite invested or attentive. In the final two weeks, I barely missed any classes and in all my classes I was attentive, awake, and actively taking good notes and studying. I believe that the gym and the eating habits helped me get to sleep better and allowed healthy nutrients to increase brain functionality and productivity. I never missed a workout because that was the staple part of my experiment and my results showed that I missed less classes and had a better attentiveness in those classes when I worked out regularly as well as ate healthily daily. I also managed to sleep earlier and longer probably because I had less energy. Overall, my findings were that my attentiveness increased, my class attendance increased, and my physical health increased. This was by far the toughest exhibit to put together but it proved to myself that I could start something and stick to it for an extended amount of time. I'm glad I did this and have no intention of stopping that workout regime because it was so helpful.

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