Scientific Research Jade Alvarez--Class 2--May 13--Genus: Loxodonta

8 Characteristics of Life

Maintains Homeostasis: the maintenance of metabolic equilibrium within an animal

Elephant Hair
Diagram of Elephant Body

Cynthia Moss is a scientist who studies African Elephants with the Amboseli Elephant Research Project, which she created and directs.

Reproduction: ability to produce offspring

Elephant and its baby
Hormone concentration levels in a female elephant.

A 21 year old Botswana elephant at at the International Conservation Center in Somerset County is pregnant and is expected to give birth mid summer.--

Adaptation: The ability to change in response to the environment

Elephant Using Trunk as Snorkel
Elephant Tusks

According to the Independent, an increasing amount of elephants are being born without tusks, because poachers are targeting Elephants with large tusks. This is fundamentally altering the gene pool.

Response to Stimuli: all animals react to stimuli, which is anything that causes a reaction

Elephant Swatting Flies with Twig
The brown lines show the migration routes of Mali’s elephants

Based on a recent study from Scientific Reports, male elephants react better to the stimuli of unfamiliar female (elephant) vocalizations than the stimuli of familiar female (elephant) vocalizations.

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