Rock Jaw Eastern Border book review by:Alex,mms

Imagine you encountering a mountain lion and jumping off a cliff. What would you do?

Phoney bone and smiley bone wanted to go home, but they took the wrong path. so they met little baby animals, and their parents were eaten by the giant rat creature. Why because their parents killed rat creatures. Then Phoney bone and Smiley bone went to go kill the giant rat creature and saved their parents. After they went back into the forest and then they were with their parents.

Therefore my favorite part is when Phoney bone and smiley bone Jump off the cliff while they were getting chased by a mountain lion and rat creatures at the bottom of the cliff, and it was amazing when it happened” you think for a second what is down their.

Moreover Phoney bone and Smiley bone ran into the rat creature.The book teaches you to follow the directions on the map or don’t get distracted when you're walking.

nevertheless then it gets more interesting when you get more into the book after you get that the book is funny and fighting rat creatures. Then you get to one of the sad part when one of the baby animals does not have any parents.

Created By
Alex Alberto


Created with images by Honza M. - "Book" • neico - "parachuting parachute skydiving" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Mountain Lion" • MrGuilt - "Classic Mountain Lion Pose" • exquisitur - "Lions" • jitze - "Mountain Lion (aka Puma)"

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