My Futrure

Jessica Leann Silverman

First off, my name is Jessica Silverman and I currently attend Crater High School of Business, Innovation and Science. Just a quick little summary about who I am, some personal characteristics that I strive towards are kindness, understanding and open-mindedness. On a more professional level, I am an extremely determined person who will work for hours on end if needed. Also, a little bit about my interests, I really enjoy learning and doing puzzles, and painting is probably my favorite hobby even through I'm not too good at it. Well, to get to the point of this, I want to represent the Southern Oregon Raiders.

What am I going to do?

I will be attending Southern Oregon University. I am still currently unsure as to what I'll be majoring in but I have many different interests and options. I've considered anything from International Studies, to Marketing, to Computer Sciences, to Education.

Where is it?

Southern Oregon University is located in Ashland, Oregon which is only about 30 minutes away from home. Because it is so close I'll be living at home with my Dad while I attend.

Why did I chose it?

The largest reason I chose Southern Oregon University is because it was the most cost effective choice. My dad works at Southern Oregon University so he gets a 70% discount off of tuition at any Oregon Public University but the other two OPU's I had been looking at required freshman to live on campus, and that was quite expensive. It also meant leaving home and that was a little bit of a scary thought. SOU had the cheapest tuition and I could attend while living at home. Also, because I am still unsure of my major it wouldn't be a wise decision to go somewhere that was so much more expensive when for the first two years is general education anyways.

How & when do you get in?

Souther Oregon University's Priority Application Deadlines for the fall term are February 15th. The OSAC's early bird deadline is the same and FASFA's deadline is June 30th. The application process for SOU is pretty simple and generic, you simply answer a ton of questions then submit a few personal statements.


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