The Current State of Isms By: Chanelle C

As an ongoing issue in this world, people see various types of media that display images, videos etc that are way out of context. With these exhibits of stereotypical media being put out for all to see, it allows the world to view the manipulated versions of isms like sexism, homophobia and heterosexism etc. Most ads in todays world still pin point these patterns and allow it to continue on with out question.

Sexism Ad (Calvin Klein ft. Fetty Wap and Klara Kristin)

The main message from the mens side of the advertisement is that they are able to make money in the attire they are wearing, while the female message from the ad is that they only seduce men and women in them. It clearly states that woman cant make money like men do, especially since a big name brand like Calvin Klein believes so, it must be true. There clothing is made for women so they please others, and cant actually make real money and have real paying jobs. No women would want to wear a type of brand that objectifies and wants women to solicit ate themselves, no matter how big they are. Questions I have for the company that produced this ad is: 1) Why do big big name brand companies like this think its okay to degrade women and make them seem like sexual objects instead of someone with value in society? 2) Even as women now a days are in high paying jobs with successful companies, they still get compared and get put below a man?

Homophobic Ad (Ray Bans)

The overall message from this ad by the very successful eyewear company Ray Bans is that nobody should be afraid to hide who you are and who you want to be with, no matter what you are or the gender you wan to be with. We hear and see these videos of how people are against same sex relationships, but what does ones opinion really matter? It doesn't. Ray Bans has done an excellent job of crushing any sort of hatred towards homophobic people and their slurs. Clearly this company supports whatever its consumers believe in, because with the power of their products (eyewear) everything and everyone should be seen as equal and this ad does a perfect job of showcasing how they are for same sex relationships, and don't discriminate against it. Questions I have because of this ad are: 1) How many people will take a second look when viewing this ad? 2) With the backlash they received or will receive, when did it become wrong for a company to advertise something they believe in and are apposed to?

Heterosexism Ad (Donald Trump Campaign 2016)

The understanding of this message powered by the newest president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump. This advertisement shows how he plans on keeping America safe by keeping the population safe from the same sex relationship people. He doesn't want to involve himself or his campaign as he feels is it wrong. As a political leader, it is important to make sure that you are pleasing everyone and not bashing or showing hatred towards one particular beliefs or wishes. His ad promotes heterosexism and how he plans on keeping just this within the country, nothing else as he or his campaign will not tolerate it. Questions I have come up with since seeing this ad are: 1) Is it okay for someone with such power to be allowed to discriminate and put forth just one belief or want? 2) Why do those who aren't heterosexuals still vote for him and give him so much power?

Affecting the LGBTQ and Gender Community

Everyone of these images shown all connect in some way. When one of the -isms are addressed (sexism, homophobia, heterosexism etc.) another is usually within the mix at some point. With negative advertisements like the Calvin Klein and Donald Trump ones, it makes these certain afraid to be open about themselves and to the world around them. These ads also give bad images and reputations making outsiders scared and given wrong perceptions of the communities who just want to understand, it sends a bad and unrealistic image. Advertisements like this are the reasons as to why stereotypes exist and are still continued on to today. Because of these reasons, people from the different gender or LGBTQ communities are disowned from society, family and friends. Ads who try to help and voice there opinions like Ray Bans are the positives for those communities but also negatives. They are positives because it allows for them to feel free and open up but also negative as it can cause more noise then needed from haters. All of these stigmas and conclusions caused by these images need to be burned an deleted from the world as it does more harm then good.

Being completely honest, homophobia is still one of the biggest issues that continues through out the world today. It still lingers even with all of the successes we've had throughout the years, with legalizing same sex marriages in 32 countries over the world. The current state of homophobia is that it still isn't where it should be, sitting nicely and not an issue. Many people still cringe or fear of the though of seeing two people of the same gender share something power together, even though it is the same with heterosexual couples. As it is a new year, 2016 has allowed for many wonderful and beautiful things as well as many scary and heartbreaking events. Big named sports companies and brands like Adidas have announced that they started signing LGBTQ athletes to promote there wear, as well as the former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton walks in the NYC Pride march, as well as the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the Toronto Pride Parade. As great as this is that people with so much power and influence in todays society, some still don't see into the good, instead they create there own negative reactions, like the Orlando Nightclub shooting on June 12th 2016, this became the biggest mass shooting in U.S history. As it targeted a gay club, it indicates how people are still not okay with the idea of LGBTQ or same sex anything. The current state to this date is that it is still a on going battle for this community to feel free and safe from any type of hatred or bashing, but with the positivity and keeping spirits alive, it has allowed for them to continue on and progress to make it better for the future, and so nobody is afraid to learn or join this community and what it has to offer.

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