My Ancestor Richard Sakrisson

Richard Sakrisson was born on April 23, 1924 in North Dakota.

Because his parents immigrated to America from Finland and had him here in 1924, he would be considered a very new immigrant.

He was born and raised in North Dakota and as he grew older, his family moved to Oregon. They lived in the suburbs in a small house.

When he was old enough, he joined the U.S. Army and fought in WWII.
After his days of fighting were over, he settled down and worked for Tektronix, a small electronics business in Oregon, for twenty years and then decided to become a realtor.
New technologies he may have used or experienced would be the radio, silent movies, and factory-produced automobiles.

The only discrimination he may have faced was him being Finnish. There were not government policies restricting him from immigrating to America because he was born in America. It would not have been very hard for him to assimilate either given the fact that he was born here.

Had Richard Sakrisson been in a labor union, based on his occupation, he would have joined the American Railway Union because he was very good with building things and this union accepted both skilled and unskilled workers. None of the other unions would have suited him very well. Especially the Ladies' Garment Workers' Union!

He passed away February 13, 2017.

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