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Featured this week:

  • Colorado: 4th Graders at Wild Cat Den!
  • Franklin: Healthy Choices Night!
  • Franklin: Ms. Harder's Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin: Ms. Holder's 5th Grade Art Class.
  • Grant: Mrs. Dusenberry's 1st Grade Class.
  • Grant: Mrs. Kulland's 1st Grade P.E. Class.
  • Grant: 2nd Graders with Custodian Miss Sue.
  • Grant: Mrs. Kulland's 2nd & 3rd Grade P.E. Class.
  • Grant: Ms. Doane's 4th Grade Class.
  • Mulberry: Students and Muskie Football Players.
  • Mulberry: Mr. Carlson's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Mulberry: Mrs. Steele's 5th Grade Class.
  • WMS: Mrs. Clark's Period 2G Math Class.
  • WMS: Mr. Yerington's 6th Grade Social Studies Class.
  • MHS: Mr. Johnson's Human Anatomy & Physiology Classes.
  • MHS: Muskie Football Update!
  • MHS: Key Club.
  • District-Wide Staff: Middle School Math Teachers and Instructional Coaches.


Colorado 4th graders got to experience a Rendezvous at Wild Cat Den last Friday!

Colorado students were at Wild Cat Den during a Rendezvous and experienced what it was like to live in the early 1900's.


Franklin PreK, Begindergarten, and Kindergarten teachers put on a Healthy Choices Night for students and their families to attend! They learned about washing hands, exercise, brushing teeth, and making healthy food choices!

Healthy Choices Night at Franklin Elementary

Ms. Harder's kindergarten classroom project was fulfilled through a donor's choice website. The students received stability (yoga) balls to use as flexible seating! Thank you to those who donated!

Kindergarteners in Ms. Harder's classroom enjoyed their new seats!

5th graders in Ms. Holder's art class worked on their plaster masks.

5th grade artists at Franklin Elementary!


Mrs. Dusenberry's first grade class participated in "Number Talks" and used their "habits of Interaction" as well as enjoyed their first few weeks of school getting to know their school library and their reading time!

Readers are Leaders! Especially in Mrs. Dusenberry's 1st grade class!

Mrs. Kulland's 1st Grade Physical Education class worked different muscle groups playing Hungry Crabs.

Students work different muscle groups during Physical Education at Grant!

Second grade students who finished getting their pictures taken enjoyed a story from Miss Sue, our awesome custodian! Together is better!

Grant's Custodian, Miss Sue, reads to students after their picture was taken during picture day.

Mrs. Kulland's 2nd and 3rd Grade physical education classes worked on Habit 6 - Synergize "together is better" while playing YMCA Tag.

Grant 2nd and 3rd graders "synergizing" while playing on YMCA Tag.

Students in Ms. Doane's 4th grade class visited the Art Center this week!

Grant 4th graders at the Art Center!


Mrs. Martin's 4th Graders used card games to practice reading and writing numbers to the millions, understanding place value, and connecting numbers in standard, expanded, and word forms.

Math games make learning fun in Mrs. Martin's 4th grade class!


Some of the Muskie football players visited Mulberry Elementary during morning announcements last Friday, and students wished them luck for their game against North Scott. Go Muskies!

Mulberry students enjoyed meeting the Muskie football players and wishing them good luck! Go Muskies!

Mr. Carlson's third grade class at Mulberry has been studying different ways seeds can be dispersed from a parent plant. They are shown here making modifications to black eyed peas to demonstrate adaptations seeds have made to improve their dispersal.

Third graders learning about seed dispersal in Mr. Carlson's 3rd grade class.

Students in Mrs. Steele's 5th Grade class worked on Zearn, a computer program aligned to EngageNY math, and played a partner game multiplying decimals.

5th grades students in Mrs. Steele's class at Mulberry Elementary working on math concepts.


Mrs. Clark's period 2G math strategies class at West Middle School is exploring ratios and equivalent ratios, using the SmartBoard.

Exploring ratios with the SmartBoard!

6th graders in Mr. Yerington’s social studies class learned about the free enterprise system when they created a product, made a prototype and then made as many as they could in 10 minutes. They also discussed the problem of scarcity (what happens if more people want your product than you were able to make).

6th graders at WMS learned about the free enterprise system in Mr. Yerington's social studies class.


Mr. Johnson's Human Anatomy & Physiology classes began their second unit by looking at how life begins. Using gametes extracted from sea urchins, students observed first hand the fertilization process from which they arose. Students continued observations as the zygote developed into a blastula and, eventually, gastrula.

Students in Human Anatomy & Physiology learn about gametes, blastula, and gastrula.

The Muskie Football team went on the road last week and picked up a 30-13 victory at North Scott. The Muskies travel to Bettendorf this Friday night to play the Bulldogs on their homecoming. This Friday's game will be the first District game of the season.

Good Luck Muskies!

MHS Key Club Members participated in the Adopt-a-Highway program by cleaning two miles on Highway 38 Wednesday.

Members who participated are: Logan Wiley, Gloria Neda, Ridge Wolfe, Marcos Bautista, Alissa Martinez, Sydney Cox, Nolan Wolfe, Geena Littrel, Abbey Sampson, Maggie Godard, Alli Youngbauer, Jake Vaughn, Mia Martinez, Abby Holler, Adamaris Bautista, Camilla McNeely, Emma Harden, and Saul O'Campo.


Math teachers and Instructional Coaches at both middle schools participated in Math Studio last week. Math Studio provides teachers and coaches the opportunity to visit a mathematics classroom to observe student dialogue. Teachers then collaborate with each other and Instructional Coaches to set goals and implement best practices related to mathematics in their classrooms.

Middle School Math teachers and Instructional Coaches collaborate about best math practices.

To learn more about Math Studio you can visit this page on the Muscatine Community School District website:

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