Fish Seek Cooler Waters, Leaving Some Fishermen’s Nets Empty ERICA GOODE

Summary of Article:

Fish that were once plentiful off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean are now drawn further north by the change in temperature. The fish are attracted to colder water and as ocean temperatures change, they move to where the water is colder. Fisherman that traditionally caught these types of fish are now disappointed because they are now filling up the nets of fishermen located further north.

Analysis of the Article:

The article discussed the effects that climate is having and will continue to have of different species of fish. Different species will react to climate change in different ways, some species are going to deplete in population due to change in water temperatures but some species are going to be widely successful and thrive and grow in the change of the global climate. Yet the changes are happening so fast that regulators will have to adapt quickly if they are to have any hope of keeping up and certain species of fish, like whiting, are moving north at 10 times the rate of animals on land.

Big Takeaway

Not only is this an ecological problem, as fish migration patterns can severely affect ocean food chains and ecosystems, but this problem is also impacting the economy. The northern migration of fish is causing some fishermen to lose their profits and their industry. Fishermen are complaining about the lack of fish turning in their nets, but humans are partially at fault for the northern movement of the fish. Climate change is caused by humans and our modern way of life, but if changes were made to reduce the effects of global warming were made, less fish would be migrating north. If we limited our consumption of fossil fuels and lowered our greenhouse gas emissions, climate change would be less of an issue and fish would stay in their natural regions and habitats.


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