Dear Ms.Mia from:Jeanne

Dear Mia

Hi my name is Jeanne i am not sure if you remembered me but we went to the same school. It been a few years but i still remember you.

You know i am here at a camp now i was just wondering if you to talk. The camp where i am at can be up and down it can be fun it can be boring.

I hope you remember me and i have some new friends but you are still my favorite. And some of the people here are nice. Me and family has been threw some rough times and i just want to talk.

And sometimes we all do fun things but i still remember you and if you remember me then we can send each other letters and you can talk to me i hope you get this and remember me.

Its been a very rough time here my family is always worried and working i don't know if you remember we use to be really good friends we were like best friends. We used to go to each others houses and play outside and maybe you pictures of us we had a lot. Right now i am going threw rough things and talking to you would make me feel better and how is your family is doing i remember your mom her name was Emily she used to take us around well i hope you get this and remember me.


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