Cherokees GroUp the moves west and had their land takin Away

modern cherokee
1 person that was a individualists of the group was named Washington, he could not bear to see his family get hurt by the soldiers anymore. Him and his his family ended up running and escaping to the draft smokies. Washington became one of the heros of the remove. Most of the other cherokees need dieting or trying to complete the trail.
My group moved west because the amrican government forced the cherokees to move. That way the government can have more land.
The cherokees where located to Arkansas. The last place the cherokees ended up was ocklahomla
The journey for the cherokees was very long for those that made it. The journey was so long that some people that did not have enough food supplies would slowly start to die. Most of the cherokees would also die to because diseases that they would pic up along the journy for example exspursure and malnuriton, cholera and etc. one sholder wrote that the Cherokee remove act was the cruelest act he has ever seen .
Life for the cherokees was very brutal throught the long miles. Once they got to Oklahoma, they were reminded of their old homes , but the land was different ,so they couldn't form the way lived. It became so extremely to the point white people tried telling them what they could and couldn't do to make make a living and to survive in genarle.


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