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Naturally based, cruelty free, sustainably sourced, vegan options, & manufactured in the USA.

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My "Why Posh?"

My name is Andrea. I am a wife and mom of 5. My second son is Autistic and my 2 daughters have some pretty severe allergies. We also live with Celiac Disease. I am an east coast girl living in the midwest.

My Crew

A few years back my family was struggling financially after my husband lost his job in a bad economy. I was a momma who was severely burnt out from constant stress and putting everyone before me. I was trying to pour from an empty cup. I lost who I was.

A sweet friend, knowing my situation (financial & allergies), suggested I check out Perfectly Posh as a business opportunity (she was a customer, not a consultant!). So I looked and I fell in love! I had not even tried any products yet and I was in love ... the mission of the company, the ingredients, the names of the products! So I talked to my husband and the rest is history!

Find people who will always support you and surround yourself. Spouse, friends, teammates, whoever!

Posh is FUN! I have discovered a passion! I love helping other people, especially women, find themselves and remind them they have purpose and are loved. I get to travel and meet some seriously amazing women and men! I am inspired! I am also able to help financially contribute to my family. The best part though is my family is a part of my business so no mom guilt! I have no regrets and I am so excited to continue my Posh journey!

EP Leadership Retreat to Tennessee (my first time away from all my kids!) April 2017

So, are you ready to join me on this incredible journey? If your answer is "YES!" then click below! Or you can keep scrolling and find other amazing ways to enjoy Posh!

Oh my Posh! Military, Veterans, and First Responders get a discount through ID.me! Message me for details!
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Want Free Posh?

Whenever you host you earn Perks and half-off iitems plus additional items when you meet specific thresholds. This month those extras are some of our favorites; Oh Snap! BFYHC, BFF face wash, and the NGU face serum and creme!

Happy Poshing!

~ Andrea, Rylee, & Delaney

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