Who dun it? Detectives: Flores, Johnson, Raner, scheffler

Detectives Flores, Johnson, Scheffler, and Raner investigated the murder of one Miss Scarlet who was found dead on the ball room floor with a clear substance that was undoubtedly the murder weapon. They were in charge of finding out what that substance was and who dunnit it. The suspects were Professor Plum, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard.

Materials: Beakers, Hot plates, balances, silver nitrate, potassium chloride, murder solution

The first thing we did was mix Sodium Nitrate with Silver Nitrate

Sodium Chloride with Silver Nitrate

Sodium. Carbonate with Potassium Chloride

Sodium Chloride with. Potassium. Chloride

Then. We took the mystery. Solution and mixed it with sodium chloride.

We decided that the mystery solution was undoubtedly silver nitrate because of the white color when mixed together. After the mixing portion we weighed a 40ml beaker on a balance scale and then added 4ml of the newly discovered silver nitrate and boiled it off to evaporate the liquid and leave the salt. We then weighed the leftovers with the beaker on a balance scale and subtracted that weight with the empty beaker weight to get 0.1grams of salt. We then calculated the molar mass of silver nitrate which ended up being 170mass of moles. Then we took the amount of the salt that was leftover divided by the molar mass to get the amount of element in moles which was 0.00058. Then we took that number divided by 0.004 which equaled 0.145 which we then rounded to 0.15 which was our molarity.

Looking at all the suspects we ruled out Mrs. White and Mrs. Peacock because they used potassium chloride which wasn't the mystery solution. Then we ruled out Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum because they used a higher solution than what was found. Then looking at the molarity we got, we decided it was Mr. Green because he had between 0.05M and 0.15M.


We concluded that Mr. Green was the murderer of Miss Scarlet that fateful day on the ballroom floor. He used 0.15M of silver nitrate which proved fatal.

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